• Snap Pad SQ A4 Faded Black
  • Snap Pad SQ A4 Faded Black
  • Snap Pad SQ A4 Faded Black
  • Snap Pad SQ A4 Faded Black

Snap Pad SQ A4 Faded Black


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The Postalco Snap Pad A4 Faded Black was developed as a beautiful way to (re)use paper - be it one of their refills or you own recycled misprints. In an era where loose paper scraps are more common than ever, this product helps us reduce waste and make our...

The Postalco Snap Pad A4 Faded Black was developed as a beautiful way to (re)use paper - be it one of their refills or you own recycled misprints. In an era where loose paper scraps are more common than ever, this product helps us reduce waste and make our world a bit greener a bit at a time. 

What is a Snap Pad?

The Postalco Snap Pad is a refillable notepad-style cover. You can fill it up with any hole-punched paper; the hole width matches the standard two-hole punch width found throughout Europe and Asia. The front cover offers firm protection and folds over to the back to reveal the paper inside.

The regular Postalco Snap Pads are available in A4, A5 and A6 sizes. Fill them with Postalco's Snap Paper, available in Plain, Blue Graph or Steno, or with your own scrap paper or misprints.

You can also further complement your Snap Pad with accessories such as the Fabric Tabs, Snap Pockets or Memo Pads


Measures 22.5x32cm
Features Heavy Weight Pressed Cotton fabric
Holds up to 100 pages
Made in Japan

How to use Postalco Snap Pad

Make holes in the top edge of the paper with a standard 2-hole puncher and snap them into the Snap Pad. The cover folds over to the front to protect the paper inside without becoming bulky, making the Snap Pad easy to carry around with you. It holds about 100 sheets of regular paper, which can vary depending on paper thickness.

The flexible nature of the Snap Pad allows you to use it as a jotter, a to-do notebook, a journal, a planner, or all at once. By inserting differently coloured and textured paper, you can create a notebook with a beautiful palette. 


Postalco's Snap Pad is made of a thick cardboard cover wrapped with two-tone Pressed Cotton fabric for aesthetic durability. With use over time, the colours will age beautifully and the weave of the fabric will become more apparent. 

The solid brass buttons on the front are embossed with Postalco's signature: a logo of a carrier pigeon.

Misc-store Amsterdam x Postalco

At Misc-store, we absolutely adore the Postalco products for their incredible quality and and their general approach to product design. We as humans are restricted to what we can do on our own, and have developed a great variety of tools to help us through life. If the objects we use in our everyday life are well made, we will use them longer and with greater pleasure. This idea - the well-aging tool - is at the centre of Postalco's design approach.

Misc-store has carried the Postalco line for 7 years now. During this period, we have seen many versions and items come and go, and have grown to love the brand and its products more and more with each improvement. 

We are not the only fans: our customers share this growing appreciation, and we have had the pleasure of seeing tons of different uses for Postalco's items. Especially their Snap Pad has been sold as a wedding guest book, a portfolio, a lamp colour filter holder for a film director - its purpose is as varied as our customer base. 

Misc-store Amsterdam x Postalco will be a collaboration to continue into the future: we are excited to see what more innovation they will bring, and what other ways people will come up with to use their products.

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About Postalco


You detect something of a quest for perfection in Postalco’s work. A sliver of imagination that sticks itself into something not quite good enough and prises it open, revealing new territories within.

Postalco’s very first project began in just such an inquisitive way. Bag designer Mike Abelson found the bag of his partner, graphic designer Yuri Abelson, stuffed with awkwardly bent papers from her work. He set about making a better carry case for her papers, which resulted in the Postalco legal envelope. Soon enough, they packed their bags and swapped New York for Tokyo, in order to be closer to the artisans responsible for crafting their distinctive products.

Postalco products are often materially dependant, reflecting a precise history of the leather, brass, cotton and fabric with which they were made. We were drawn to these objects from the moment we saw them. From the moment we began stocking Postalco in 2010, we found the Ableson’s work special – touching in its desire for longevity and engaging in its aesthetic sensibility.

We’re a proud stockist of Postalco, and we have been carrying their products since we first opened Misc Store in Amsterdam. If you’re in the Netherlands, come and visit our store in to get a feel for these supremely tactile objects.