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Misc Mini

Put on a fire hat, and she’s a firefighter. Put on a white jacket, and he’s a doctor. And then take it all off and try something new. Maybe they’ll be a teacher. Maybe they’ll be a cat. When a child plays at something, they’re not just pretending: they’re trying to be the real thing. Play helps kids to grow mentally and socially, giving them new skills to understand and empathise with the world. As they explore they’ll need new skills: reading and writing, yes, and how to share. They can learn how to tell a great story and to keep their things tidy, and how to tell the difference between a lion and a tiger. It’s the start of a great adventure, and all you need is some pens and paper and a little room to sit. We’re really excited to have put together our new Misc. Mini collection, packed with great little things to help your young ‘un find their way into the world. And a spot of kid’s stationery can be a perfect jumping off point for so many things. You could make a story together, teaching them about their first animals and letters. Or they might make a story for you! There are games of cutouts, paste ‘em ups, or their first sheets of homework to do. A notebook can be used for ideas about what they want to be when they grow up, or finding out what happens when they mix yellow and blue paint. Giving your children their own miniature kid’s stationery means giving them their very own space to start working out their world. Crayons designed especially to fit in a child’s hand and fun-sized furniture for their their burgeoning creative projects gives them the tools to use this space to blossom into young, creative minds. Here, the world is their oyster. For more ideas about kids’ stationery, come and check out our Misc. Mini display in our Amsterdam store; or you can keep looking in our online shop.