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Hafod Grange

About Hafod Grange

The original Hafod Grange paperweights were first produced in 1968 by Barry Needham as a form of therapy for muscular dystrophy. One day a friend challenged him to encapsulate a dandelion clock. Barry met this challenge head on and after numerous attempts and with meticulous patience he finally succeeded to everyone's amazement.

The designs were later refined into the products on offer today. Flowers captured in clear polyester resin containing a UV filter to stop fading, is used to embed the botanical specimens without destroying them. When Hafod Grange started producing the paperweights on a commercial basis, the objective was "to create the unusual, bordering on the impossible".   

We’re proud to carry Hafod Grange and present it to our customers in the Netherlands and internationally via our shop online.
To see Hafod Grange in person, please visit our store in Amsterdam.