TRAVELER'S Diner available at Partner Shops only

Be it a belated Christmas gift, a not so coincidental city trip, an absolute necessity, or just a plain old FOMO, come to Amsterdam on Jan 14th. 

Why? To buy the newest TRC Limited Edition, the TRAVELER'S Diner. Available only at Misc-store Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

Saturday Jan 14th from 10.30 whilst supply last

Come hang, and lets nerd everything and anything TRAVELER'S.

P.S. We have limited supplies and cannot guarantee we have enough stock to meet all of your demand. However, if we do have some stock left, we will publish this online Saturday 14th 18.30


P.S. We can only ship within the Netherlands. Where to buy and find the TRAVELER'S Diner and TRC Partner Shops in Europe?

- For Germany, the TRAVELER'S Company Partner Shop is Luiban
- For Austria, the TRAVELER'S Company Partner Shop is Sous Bois 
- For Italy, the TRAVELER'S Company Partner Shop is is Stile e Stilo
- For France, the TRAVELER'S Company Partner Shop is is Maison Godillot
- For Spain, the TRAVELER'S Company Partner Shop are is El Moderno & Papelaria Debod
- For Poland, the TRAVELER'S Company Partner Shop is Wariackie Papiery