Christmas Gift Guide #1

Here is a series of our personal Gift Ideas for this coming holiday season. We start off with Brigitta, who founded Misc in 2010

Ferm Living Pond Mirror €269
for him or me?
Loved this mirror form the first minute I saw it on the tradeshows. Every time we just got new mirrors in at Misc, they would all be bought before I could even decide on it and bring it home. It would look absolutely great in our hallway, so this mirror would be a gift both for him and me...

Ibushi-Gin Donabe Smoker €250
for him
Having many neighbors surrounding our city-garden, a simmer BBQ is a no-go. Unfortunately. We do have a grill outside, but after a juicy chop causing extra smoky-ness, a wind in the wrong direction and a neighbor instantly complaining never getting the smell of smoke out of her enclosed patio, all joy was gone for Leon and we did not BBQ anymore. But with this ceramic device, he can grill and smoke dishes even in house, (and also the garden), even this winter. With an extra rim, he'll water seal the pot, trapping the smoke inside. Can't wait for the smoked fish, veggies, cheeses and nuts.

For more Japanese Donabes, visit Don Abe, online or in our shop-in-shop



Hasami Bowl Set 185 €84
for Mum
This set of a plate, rounded bowl and bowl makes a great trio to serve a meal, something my mum enjoys doing. Following the Hasami Porcelain principe, the three stack neatly within each other. The plate can be a serving platter complementing the dishes in the bows, but it can also serve as a lid for either, making it a vessel. I love to give this to my mum and build her Hasami ware collection step by step. 

There are three sizes for the set, made with the 145, 185 and 220 diameter.



TSOL Calming Places €28

for various
Instead on sending Christmas cards this year, I'm going to send these. Each card has a different calming place (the milky way, your bed, a long train journey, and so on), with a guided meditation adapted to the place. It offers insight, in oneself and the other, and highlights what is often overseen. The past year has been so intense and challenging for all. I wish everybody a little headspace to re-fuel and I think these cards are a great start.

TSOL Happy Healthy Minds €22
for the kids or us?
A book written for 9yr olds, addressing their emotions. It aims to help children become more aware of their emotional needs, and examines a range of topics that might give them difficulties (amongst them: their parents...yikes). Although not written for me - the parent, it helps me understand my 7 & 3 year olds better and give me the words to talk about it with them. And perhaps helps me understand my own emotions better too. And if you think about it, a happy and healthy mind is perhaps the best gift in life I hope to be able to 'give'.

Tupera Tupera More Faces €12
for all the kids I know:
A book with 6 pages full of stickers of eyes, noses, mouths and ears to make faces in the 52 objects in the book. This will keep 'm busy for hours and teaching them some out of the box thinking by showing them how simply adding eyes, a nose and a mouth makes anything a face. And for those kids who already got this from me, there is a second edition Make More Faces, and a next level Sticker Book keeping'm busy for even more hours. This accordion book has stickers and papers to create faces, and attire.