Kokuyo Jibun Techo Diaries:
Additional Pages

You can download the translation pages for these additional pages, which you can cut and then paste over the Japanese parts in your Jibun.
Download your translation for:
Jibun Techo First Kit Translation for A5 
Jibun Techo First Kit Translation for mini
Jibun Techo Biz Translation for A5
Jibun Techo Biz Translation for mini
Jibun Techo DAYs Translation for A5
Jibun Techo DAYs Translation for mini

Besides the planner and dates related pages, both the Jibun Techo First Kit &
Biz include 6 additional pages to document your life. (Additional Pages for DAYs below)

Age Chart / My Dreams
Note down things you want to achieve over the year, divided into categories such as work goals, relationship goals, and so on.
The age chart on the left helps finding finding out someone’s age quickly from their birth year

Money plan
It’s surprisingly hard to keep track of how much you spend each month. Try logging your spending here, so you can see exactly what’s going on. There are also some items left blank for you to customize.

Book & movie list
Use this list to log books you want to read (or have read), movies you want to see (or have seen), and so on.
Record your verdict with a face symbol, or jot down a brief review.

Gifts given/received
This list stems from Japanese practice to reflect gifts to symbolize your relationship. You do not want to "overgift" or "undergift", the gift-equation between you and the other needs to be in balance. As such, it’s all too easy to forget gifts received. Even if you resolve at the time to return the favor later, you’ll probably forget unless you write it down. You can also use this list to log gifts you've given.

Promise list
Verbal promises tend not to be kept. In the moment, you intend to keep them, but afterwards you simply forget. When you make a promise, get into the habit of writing it down straight away.

Looking back on 2023
Here’s where you can summarize and reflect on everything you did and logged in your JIBUN_TECHO this year.

Additional Pages explained for Jibun Techo DAYs:

Yearly schedule
The yearly schedule spread lets you see at a glance what lies ahead. Fill in the dates ahead of time for long-term work projects, qualifying exams and even holidays, so you can work backwards and pace yourself.

This year’s goals and this year’s events
This spread can be used to keep your goals for the year and events for each month in one place. Because the planner consists of two parts, the first half runs from January to December, while the second half runs from July to December.

List of 100 things to try
Use this spread to write a list of 100 things you want to try this year. This list will keep you feeling positive and motivated on a daily basis.

Customizable list
You can keep separate lists of books you want to read, films you’ve seen, gifts you've received, and so on, making the details easy to find and remember.

Monthly index page
The monthly index page is the ideal place to summarize your goals and events for the month. You can organize them by theme, making them easier to remember. There is an index page before the first day of each month.

Looking back on 2023
Use this spread to look back at your JIBUN_TECHO entries for the year and write in monthly summaries. This will give you an overview of what happened in 2023.

For translations of these pages, see the following links:
Jibun Techo DAYs Translation for A5
Jibun Techo DAYs Translation for mini