About Dayanne's Wishlist

We asked our team about their favourite finds at Misc. This is shop asisstant Dayanne's wishlist:

1. hibi 10 Minute Aroma Cedar Wood
"My first box of hibi was gifted to me even before I started working at Misc and I fell in love with it immediately. Since then, hibi became part of my daily routine and I always have it at home. It's perfect for a peaceful, mindful moment and to feel recharged. My top favorite scent is Cedar Wood – it just takes me out to nature for 10 minutes and I love it.̈́

2. Nuuna Not White, Black Notebook
"Writing and drawing in the Not White, Black Notebook is something else. I bought one for myself and got crazy about it. All my drawings look 10,000 times more impressive on this paper and I think I'll have to buy another one soon, because since I got mine, my partner can't stop himself from drawing in it either. So I guess that makes for two big fans of this one!"

3. TRAVELER’S notebook Olive
TRAVELER'S notebook is definitely on my list of favorite items we carry in store. The concept in of it itself is so unique. You can be very creative with this notebook. Keep refilling it, adding accessories, stamps, stickers, drawings, paintings, collages – the possibilities are endless. Its community is very special and it's inspiring to see how excited everyone feels to explore their creativity with these notebooks. They are all so diverse and beautiful. My personal favorite is the olive color!"

4. Hasami Porcelain Bowl Black 145x55
"This bowl also has a special place in my heart. It's elegant and versatile. You can easily use it for different purposes and one of my favorite ways is in combination with Niwaki's kenzan. Creating a nice flower arrangement in this beautiful porcelain bowl will add an extra touch to any space. I love it so much!"

5. Niwaki Kenzan Large
"I'm obsessed with Niwaki's kenzan, it's simply a beautiful piece of art. Choosing a bunch of pretty flowers and allowing myself to be creative with arranging them is one of my favorite, relaxing things to do."

6. Niwaki Sentei Garden Scissors
"I have a such a calming and relaxed experience whenever I am cutting flowers with the Sentei Garden Scissors. They cut through stems easily and effortlessly. And the shape of these scissors makes the process comfortable for my hands, which allows me to be precise without much effort."

7. MD PAPER 2024 MD Diary Sticker S
"I can't get over the fact that having this item adds so much practicality in my daily life. It's great for planning the months and the size is also perfect, because I can attach it to any notebook or journal I have and take it with me anywhere I go. I'm always prepared to save the dates!"

8. MD Notebook Journal Codex A5 1D/1P Blank
"This notebook from MD PAPER PRODUCTS is also part of my routine. I love drawing and especially writing in this journal. The blank paper gives me a lot of freedom and is super soft and silky, which makes for a smooth and comfortable writing experience combined with a beautiful fountain pen. Tearing off the perforated corner of each page makes it very practical and satisfying as well! It's a real pleasure."

9. The Book of Do: A Manual for Living
"I have a couple books from The Do Book Company's series and I find them very motivating and easy to read. They're also pocket-sized and small enough to take anywhere. There are themes for different interests, but my favorite is The Book of Do: A Manual for Living, which bundles multiple themes: ideas about business, creativity, resilience and well-being. An easy, fun and empowering read with photographs, illustrations, lists and inspiration."

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