Tools for the Young Mind: Philosophical Ideas - The School of Life

The School of Life created Tool for the Young Mind, in which they take their books to another level, giving teachers and parents tools to interact about the subject of their books. 

Philosophy, meaning ‘love of wisdom’, is a vital discipline for understanding the world. Inspired by our book Big Ideas for Curious Minds, this learning pack is designed to engage children with some important philosophical ideas, developing their critical thinking skills and encouraging their growth as independent thinkers.

For kids ages 8+

The Philosophy Learning Pack can be used with children either at home or in the classroom.
It includes material for between 4–6 lessons. The lessons can be completed in
sequence or children can dip in and out of
activities as they wish.

Objectives: Understand the definition of Philosophy & explore what it means to be ‘wise’.
Objectives: Understand the importance of challenging assumptions; explore the process of asking ‘why?’
Objectives: Understand the value of being curious; formulate questions to explore; evaluate the quality of questions.
Objectives: Explore what makes life interesting and good; identify personal and societal problems and how to fix them; set personal goals.

Download the The School Of Life Tools for the Young Mind Philosophy Learning Pack, here, at Misc-store

No stage in our development is more crucial than childhood. It’s during our early years that we form our passions, our personality and our understanding of the world and our place within it. Childhood sets the course of our adult lives.

At Misc-store, we appreciate that The School of Life is taking childhood seriously. Their library of resources helps children develop the emotional, psychological and interpersonal skills that traditional education doesn’t always teach, starting them on the journey toward a healthy and fulfilled adulthood.