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Alongu Ceramics

Alongu's elegant and sleek designs are the brainchild of Jin Kuramoto (born in 1976). His vision was to craft a series of vessels that would seamlessly complement diverse food cultures from around the globe. Consequently, their plates and bowls have been meticulously designed to harmonize with both Japanese cuisine and Western dishes.

Nestled in the town of Hasami (yes, the namesake of Hasami Porcelain), Alongu's porcelain is expertly crafted. This charming town boasts a rich porcelain-making heritage that spans over four centuries. Here, the local artisans collaborate across multiple specialized factories. One factory is dedicated to sourcing and processing clay, another excels in molding, and yet another is skilled in turning pots. Together, they work in unison to bring you the finest porcelain creations.

At Misc Store we carry 3 sizes of plates, and 3 sizes of cups/bowls from Alongu, in two finisches: matte grey and a blue celadon.

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Misc Store supports
climate change solutions
& plants a tree for every order

Importing from countries as far as Japan & shipping worldwide has more of an impact than we would like.
That is why we plant a tree for every order + we plant an additional 2 trees each day.

Furthermore, we offset the individual carbon footprint of our staff, including travel per individual under 8,000 km by car or 2 short-haul return flights annually, by funding climate change solutions through Ecologi.

Investing in projects focused on carbon avoidance is not the same as simply buying carbon offset certificates, that is why we have chosen to work with Ecologi.

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Climate projects supported by Misc Store

Using waste biomass to produce electricity in Chile

Small scale onshore wind in India

Protecting lowland peat forest in Indonesia

Producing electricity from solar energy in Vietnam

Protecting and restoring forests in Papua New Guinea

40+ more