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Brigitta's Wishlist | Misc-store Amsterdam

We asked our team about their favourite finds at Misc. This is Brigitta's, Misc Store founder, wishlist:

1. Postalco All Leather Snap Pad
"It is even more beautiful in real life. The leather is incredibly soft. I have piles and piles of paper on my desk, waiting to be re-used. This all leather Snap Pad is going to be busy."

2. Marjolein Delhaas Thing to Do Today Block Putty
"My current TTDT by Marjolein is due for renewal, and I am quite fond of the new colour. Just a little pop, but not too much."

3. Frama Easy Chair
"You can try this one in store now, it is such a beauty. It's been on my wishlist for our home for a long time, but there is no designated place for it yet."

4. Bodha Ritual Oil Calm5. Bodha Ritual Oil Diffuser Forest Green
"The scent of this Calm oil is fresh and different. Every time I use it in store, I am reminded that it is something I want for the home. Ideally I would buy it together with the Ritual Oil Diffuser by Bodha. I am quite fond on the design, and to extinguish the light by simply depriving it from oxygen by putting your thumb on the hole.

6. Abel Fragrance Home Scene 3
"Different scent than Bodha's Ritual oil, so for a different mood. I would use the Bodha in the mornings and Abel's Scene 3 after dinner rest before going to bed."

7. The School of Life Parents & Teenagers
"My oldest just turned 10, and I realize we are entering a new phase where we, as parents, ultimately will take a new and different role. The status quo of "us" will disappear. I am wondering if there will be enough to talk about, and whether he will allow us to talk with him. That is why I am so keen on the TSOL card set as I believe it will open up new things to talk about, and especially with him."

8. Boycott Books Als je Moet Kiezen
"This book poses the reader with two, perhaps equally nice, dillemma's. But what I like about it, is that we can talk with our kids about their choices, and in this way deduct what they find important or appealing. It's like getting to know them better."

9. Chronicle Books Invisible Things
"Our recent trip to Japan showed me that no moment can ever be the same. Our trip to Japan will never be the same: the season may be different, our boys will be older and thus dictating other travel possibilities. But it also showed me the beauty of things unseen. For example a piece of fabric waving in the wind at Teshima Art Museum, showing the presence of the wind and how it dances around us unnoticed. This book taps on the very same and I look forward to learn my boys the beauty of the things we cannot see".

10. Flipboku FUNKY Flipbook
"With Misc Mini we have a sub collection, made up of items to use with your child, opposed to our Keeping m Busy collection. The FUNKY Flipbook is actually both. On one hand it inspires parent and kid to learn something new together. I like to believe that sharing a new experience that is both new to parent and kid, has a strong bonding effect. With the FUNKY Flipbook you will be in awe of the basics of animation, and with the stickers and app you can learn to create your own. But FUNKY is also a coloring book with 6 different animated dances. Each dance has 40 sequences, so this is actually a coloring book with 240 mini pages... How about keeping them busy?"

11. Caran d'Ache Keith Haring Coloring Book
"The paper weight and quality are very nice, and I look forward to having some time for myself where I can just color."

12. This Book is a Planetarium
"The need for this book taps on the same as the FUNKY Flipbook: sharing awe with my kids. I like to be surprised and learn new things, and to share this with them. It is amazing how pieces of paper are transformed in a planetarium, or a musical instrument, and even a speaker."

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