Explore our latest collection of children's books on the topic of empathy. A call to action for young and old to open their mind to the lives of others and embrace a consistent state of empathy for those around them.

Take a walk in another person's shoes, a term we've all heard that's rarely explained any further. But, how do you understand someone else's experience? How do you see the world from a different vista? How do we truly embody empathy and embrace another's lived experiences?

It seems to get difficult as we get older, and for that reason we look to the mind of a child. If anyone can do it, they can, and perhaps show us how in the process.

From this collection, here are some of our highlights:
How Old Am I - explore the "others" of your age group, see where they live, what they do. We love to do this with our own kids and grow an interest in the people in the world around us

Dwars Door - step into the live of someone as this books shows every step from birth to death from our perspective (left page) and the persons eyes (right page). It is such a one-on-one reminder of what we see is different from the person next to us

Born Bad - a boldy coloured book about a wolf who is a good guy, but everybody immediately assumes he is not.

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