Penco Coil Notebooks - Made in Japan

The Penco Coil Notebooks are part of the company's line up for the past 20 years,

with only the cover design growing a long with time.



The covers are letterpressed printed in Tokyo.



But perhaps the most distinctive part is how the rulings of the inner pages are made.
Made with the last ruling maching for watercolor based printing.
Its ‘block’ for printing is a roll composed by stainless rings that are set cylindrically.
The size of the roll and ink affect the thickness and color of the lines respectively.

The paperfeed is processed manually and one by one, with the paper in a fixed size
called ‘Shiroku-ban’ in Japanese. (788mm×1091mm)



The paper are printed both sides as they pass the rulings in an S-shape.
The strings make the rulings.



And after they exit the printer, each sheet is manually checked again.


At Misc-store we carry the Penco Coil Notebooks in Yellow, Blue and Orange in S, M and L.
For the full Penco Coil Notebook Line Up, see their Misc Store Collection