Three resolutions, three notebooks for 2018

Rare is the person who has both an agenda and their resolutions for the new year ready to go on January 1st. Most of us um and ah a little instead, taking time to consider the practical aspects. Should I get a gym membership, or just take up running? Do I want a pocket-sized journal, or a wall calendar to share? These ideas tend to get a little clearer as we slough our way through chilly January. One might even say that they go hand-in-hand: that we'll pick a notebook that we hope will represent our year. To check our theory, we asked three notebook buyers in our Amsterdam store what their plans were for 2018, and compared them with the notebooks that they bought.

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Creative producer

Postalco A7 notebook
In 2018 I’m starting my own freelance business. I decided last year that I didn’t want to work in a company any more. It’s nice to get a monthly paycheck, but it always feels like you’re being told ‘no’: there’s never enough time or money to make your ideas happen. When people hire you as a freelancer, though, it feels like it’s because they want you. So they don’t say no as easily to your ideas. A big lesson for me is not to be scared of failing in what I’m trying to do. Otherwise you get stuck in your head. You just have to do it. It’s a cliché, I know. But even if you fail — so what? Everyone fails. Better to try and make something happen.

On the hunt for an attractive birthday gift, Shari chose the wonderfully tactile Postalco A7 notebook in charcoal grey



Project manager


Traveler's Notebook original brown leather cover

I don’t really want to change my situation a lot, but rather develop things that are already in progress. I want to engage more with the people who are already around me, and have deeper relationships with them, rather than a larger social network. I’m also interested in doing something for my neighbourhood, either in borough politics or at my local buurtkamer. But I haven’t made a smart plan about that.

Drawn to its flexible nature, the busy Jurriën picked up a Traveler's Notebook in brown to help organise his year. 






Fashion designer

Highide Diary at
I started a studio in Utrecht last May. At the moment, I mostly stock small designers from around Europe. But this year, I’d like to start my own line. Previously when I made my own products, it sold quite quickly and it was hard to keep a balance between the business side and the creative side. So this time around, I’d like to find more balance.

It was the pragmatic Standard Schedule Planner from Hightide that caught Marije's eye. She took a wallet-sized A6 in black.