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Please find a 5x6=30 items gift selection of our staff and the what and the why they gift their fav items.

Brigitta's Selection
Founder of Miscellaneous

Marjolein Delhaas Journal 365 Milk

Image Journal 365

for new jobs/business plans
Almost ceremonial, I love to take time to sit down, straighten my back, and open a new notebook. Knowing first hand how pleasing a new notebook is, it is my go-to gift for those with a new job, a new adventure and their latest brilliant idea #365.

Marjolein Delhaas Journal 365 Milk | €48
Counting 368 pages, each boldly numbered until 365. This is a perfect notebooks or journal counting from Jan 1st.

2. Monocle Shops & Kiosks

for miscellaneous
For us, business and pleasure go hand in hand. I love reading business books, and (re)-reading this particular book is a must for our new-to-open shop in Amsterdam in Q2 of 2022. SPOILER ALERT

Monocle Shops & Kiosks | €35
Monocle Guide to Shops, Kiosks, and Markets, explores retail from the perspective of the customer, the aspiring entrepreneur, and the established retailer.

3. Colour me Crayon

Mick Using Colour me Crayons

for them and our future
How our society sees colour and how it affects us, intrigues me. I realize we need to do better for them, and teach them to see, understand and act accordingly. These crayons are a great starting point to talk about different skin colours, at any (entry) level of this discussion.

Colour me Crayon | €7
Counts 12 vegan, non-toxic skin colour crayons

Ferm Living Vuelta Lamp 

Picture Vuelta Lamp

for the home
This sculptural lamp draws an arc of light that seemingly comes out of the table and turns back into it, with a rippled texture that accentuates the visual flow of the arc. Reminiscent of mid-century Hollywood, the Vuelta fits in any modern interior just as well.

Ferm Living Vuelta Lamp | €199
Designed with an LED light source that emits a soft, diffused, light. It also features an adjustable dimmer switch for ultimate ambience control.

6. The School for Life The Good Enough Parent 

Picture The Good Enough Parent

for them and us
Raising two boys, is mirroring myself. I often think about which traits they shouldnot inherit from me, and which I hope they will develop. Last week I told my oldest that nobody is perfect, except their dad, and that I hope they become just like the man raising them. He agreed. This book is for us, but ultimately for them.

The School for Life The Good Enough Parent | €20
The Good Enough Parent is an intelligent guide to raising a child who will one day look back on their childhood with just the right mixture of gratitude, humour and love.

 6. Bodha Eye Pillow Cashmere

Bodha Cashmere Eye Pillow

for me
Whether it’s a pre-dinner party load up of zen before facing your in-laws, or an after-dinner party wind down after facing your in-laws, Bodha's Aromatherapy Eye Pillow lets you release facial tension & calms your mind.The eye pillow is therapeutically scented by Emily l'Ami, who studied perfumery at the Institute of Arts & Olfaction in Los Angeles & aromatherapy in her native New Zealand.

Bodha Eye Pillow Cashmere  | €58
Contains organic buckwheat with lavender & chamomile flowers
Features removable organic cotton inner pillow for easy washing


Ari's Selection

1. Postalco One Year Calendar 2022

Image Postalco Wall Calendar

him and me
Especially this past year, I realized how important it is to dedicte time for family, friends and travel. Seeing the whole year at a glance makes it really easy to plan ahead, reminding yourself to take time off.

Postalco One Year Calendar 2022 | €20
One of our Postalco favourites and on our personal walls for years, the Postalco One year Wall Calendar 2022 shows the larger flow of time in a year, rather than chopping up time into months or weeks. Measures 57 x 46cm

2. MD Notebook Journal A5 Dot Grid

Image Midori MD Dot Grid
for her (sister)
My sister really enjoys her MD Codex Journal Dot Grid. This is a nice light weight alternative she can carry to work everyday that is guaranteed to satisfy her paper needs.


MD Notebook Journal A5 Dot Grid | €15
MD Notebook Journal Dot Grid A5 has 192 pages, that is more than 1 page per day for half a year. Measures 210x148mm

3. Kokuyo Steel Letter Case 5-drawer

Kokuyo Steel Letter

for a new home
This is a classic, timeless piece for anyone looking to organize their desk or office. It fits every style of interior and it intergrates nicely into a sideboard or an a desk.

Kokuyo Steel Letter Case 5-drawer | €129
The letter drawer features a baked paint finish and fits A4 size documents. Measures 33,2 x 25,7 x 26,2 cm

4. hibi Ambergris + Hasami Porcelain Natural Plate

Lighting a hibifor a friend
This is a Misc classic combination. With any hibi scent and a small Hasami plate, you are guaranteed a great gift for a friend.

hibi Ambergris + Hasami Porcelain Natural Plate | €20
A pack of 10 Minute Aroma Ambergris counts 8 matchsticks and a non-flammable mat. It fits easily in your hand palm and you can light your incense without the need for any lightning device.

5. Kokuyo Hanging Frame A4 + 12 folders

Kokuyo Hanging Framefor the home office workers
Another timeless piece from Kokuyo. The frame and green folders make this an almost sculptural piece that should not be hidden away in a drawer. It would look great on my gray steel Gispen desk.

Kokuyo Hanging Frame A4 + 12 folders | €111
This Kokuyo Hanging Frame was launched in 1976. In that time this was a filing system that has long been popular in Europe and America. It has gained popularity in the Japanese offices soon as using it is convenient, and it saves space. Folders come separately from the frame.

6. Midori Letter Pad + Envelopes Giving A Color
Midori Letter Paper

for the far away friend you want to talk to more
I love to write my friends letters, even though few respond. For those who do, I like to always choose a set of envelopes and writing paper that I have not used for them before. The three colored letter pads let you surprise your friends over and over. I like to mismatch the color of the envelopes with the letter pad.

Midori Letter Pad + Envelopes Giving A Color | €13
Midori's Letter Writing series in 4 colour ways, each letterpad featuring 3 shades of the colour. Available in Brown, Blue, Gold and White.


Tamara's Selection

1. 4th Market Cocer Nabe Large
Donabe by Verdeniusfor me and mine
One for me to use and to share. I love to cook and enjoying a home cooked meal with loved ones is one of my favorite ways to spend quality time - sharing delicious food and conversation. 

4th Market Cocer Nabe Large
 | €142
A Kyōto-style donabe, ideal for simmering, braising, and throwing nabe parties.
The large size has a 2200ml volume and serves 3-5 people. Available in store only or hear over to

2. Kenzan Medium 61mm
Image Kenzanfor mom and green thumbs alike
For as long as I can remember, she always had those green thumbs and filled our home with flowers. She has never had a try at ikebana before, but I'm sure she'll come up with some beautiful flower arrangements.

Kenzan Medium 61mm | €19
Used for ikebana flower displays, these Kenzan are becoming increasingly popular for western style flower arranging, doing away with that old-skool dark green foam completely. The brass pins are strong enough for woody material, as well as soft green and grass stems.

3. Toyo T-320 Tool Box 
Image Toyofor dad
He has always been a handyman, ready to fix up the house, build us furniture and keeping himself busy with all kinds of DIY projects. Wether it be tools, pens & pencils or other things, he'll have a place to store them.

Toyo T-320 Tool Box | € 35
Portable and practical the Toyo Steel T-320 Tool Box Silver is great for carrying around all your tools or art supplies. The seamless folded steel design is lightweight and durable with plenty of room in its single compartment. 
Measures 32 x 12.5 x 8.5 cm

4. Kinto Day Off Tumbler
Image kinto tumblerfor him
Wether he is on the go on a hot summer's day or too rushed to finish his coffee in the morning - this will hold a refreshing iced tea just as well as a smoking hot coffee.

Kinto Day Off Tumbler | €40
The Kinto Day Off Tumbler White is ideal for any season, keeping your home brewed tea warm during your harsh winter commute, and your water cool during sweaty summer hikes.

5. Midori MD Notebook Cotton F2 + Pencil Drawing Kit
for my brother
As a graphic designer and illustrator in a digital age, my brother very much loves his drawing tablets. But he will never stop reverting back to just simple pencil and paper. This MD combo fulfills all his sketching needs.

Midori MD Notebook Cotton F2 + Pencil Drawing Kit | €39

Image drawing Kit
Image Cotton F2

The notebook is designed especially for sketching and drawing with pencil and paint, the paper is made with 20% soft cotton pulp. The result is paper that is strong, and smooth, and that will not deform under friction.

6. Tempo Drop Mini
Image tempo drop minifor the home
For anyone who loves eye pleasing objects just as much as me. A mesmerizing piece that visualizes its prediction of the weather - both beautiful and functional.

Tempo Drop Mini | €69
The Tempo Drop Mini is a borosil glass device in which camphor and ethanol are sealed. The locked-in chrystals react to the subtle changes of weather, before we can experience the weather change ourselves and can therefore be used as a weather predicting device. Clear liquid indicates that bright and clear weather is on its way. Small dots in the liquid indicate foggy weather, and small stars on a bright winter day are announcing snow.


Joram's Selection

1. Hasami Porcelain Dripper
Hasami Porcelain Dripper and mugsfor us at home
What better way to celebrate a new home than with an incredibly stylish cup of coffee? Combine this dripper with the Hasami teapot and you have an eye-catching way of brewing at home.

Hasami Porcelain Dripper | €90-€105
Hasami Porcelain Dripper is an add-on to the Hasami Porcelain Teapot, to make your fav drip coffee. Place a filter inside, add your favorite ground coffee and enjoy. Measures ø145 x 106 mm

2. Monocle Book of Homes
Image Book of Homes by Monoclefor the new home owners
I recently moved in with my girlfriend, and combining tastes and homely ambitions can be quite challenging - so sometimes it's good to take note from professionals.

Monocle Book of Homes | €55
This is a book for anyone who cares about where they lay their head and hang their hat. Go on, make yourself at home.

3. Ohto Needlepoint GS-01
Image Ohto Needlepointfor me
As a musician, writing lyrics is one of the very few sides to the job that has always been daunting to me. It helps to have a comfortable pen lying around that writes like a charm but doesn't break that bank if you lose it at your favourite inspiration-inducing cafe.

Ohto Needlepoint GS-01 | €13
A Misc Classic and evergreen. OHTO's needlepoint pen is 0.7 mm with the tip made from ceramic (instead of the metal ballpoint usually used for pens). The fine tip enables very smooth writing.

4. Dandelion Paperweight
Dandelion Imagefor my father
My father, a devoted puppeteer, often has a great deal of loose papers with set and puppet designs roaming about on his desk. This gorgeous paperweight should help him deal with that, while looking absolutely beautiful on top.

Dandelion Paperweight Large | €65
These mesmerizing paperweights capture the dandelion's ephemeral and nostalgic beauty making them perfect to gift to someone special or admire as it sits upon your desk.

5. Animal Drawing Notebook
Image Animal Drawing Bookfor my mother
As an elementary school teacher, my mother is always on the lookout for cute-yet-functional tools to entertain and teach children. This book might serve as inspiration to her - plus she just really loves colouring as well.

Animal Drawing Notebook | €30
Made by hand in Switzerland, this new type drawing book invites to finish the animal. Fantasy animals or reality, what would you draw?

6. Kokuyo Steel Letter Case 3 Drawer

for my brother
The effects of working from home got to many of us, and the importance of a comfortable home-office space to mitigate that is clearer than ever. My brother could definitely use a solid steel letter drawer like this one to spice up his working space.

Kokuyo Steel Letter Case 3 Drawer | €79
A deskclassic, as it is introduced by Kokuyo in 1961.


Kim's Selection

1. Monocle Travel Guide 

Monocle travel guidefor your travel companion
We can’t travel 'far', but we can (re)discover places more near. Even if our travel plans will be pushed out to later and beyond, we can already pin-point and dream away about which places we will have on our wishlist.

Monocle Travel Guide | €18
Designed to be compact and collectable, they are also discerning; Monocle’s team won’t list a hundred places to eat but they will tell you where’s best for everything from some tasty fast food to something truly celebratory.

2. Holmegaard Forma Vase
Image Forma Vasefor mom
Mom has, from when I was little, always filled up the house with fresh flowers and has a love for special glassware. I think this item is the perfect match, especially how light plays through the textured glass and will shatter throughout a space is amazing.

Holmegaard Forma Vase | €55
Holmegaards Forma Series are unique sculptures made out of solid glass. Measures 10,5 x 10,5 x 20 cm

3. Postalco Snap Pad + Midori XS Compact Punch
Image Snap Pad Postalcofor my brother
My brother really likes to have journals that can be used for multiple things at the same time. The snap pad is one of those things that can be personalized for the person. My brother could use this at home and the other day use it while presenting for multiple people at work. Also eye-ing on it for myself; as I repurpose old papers as to-do lists and often have all scrap papers floating around. The compact punch is also a little showstopper to have or gift together with the snappad.

Postalco Snap Pad + Midori XS Compact Punch | from €45 & €17
Midori Compact Punch is a foldable hole punch. Compact, but strong, it makes it so very easy to re-purpose any paper for a new sheet in your Snap Pad. Let's re-use paper as much as we can before recycling it!

4. Kokuyo Steel Letter Case 5-drawer
Image Kokuyo Steel drawerfor the home office workers
As a graphic designer, i've been an on and off homeworker. Keeping work and private seperate and still making the house look like home has been a tricky one. I'm sure this letter case will be a great solution. Functional and beautiful at the same time.

Kokuyo Steel Letter Case 5-drawer | €129
The third entry of the Kokuyo Steel case in our gift faves.... 

5. Ystudio Resin Rollerball
Image resin rollerball Ystudiofor dad
Whether as a gift to tell your dearest you love them or to tell a colleague you appreciate them, I think there's something irreplaceable about a pen that you got as a gift versus the one you found somewhere around the house, got from your last hotel visit, or accidentally stole from your bank.

Ystudio Resin Rollerball | €35
The smooth matte finish and pencil-like hexagonal shape make it comfortable to hold. Encased in the resin is a heart of brass, keeping it perfectly balanced. 

6. Hibi Tea Tree + Hasami Porcelain Plate
Image hibi
for my (scent-loving) friend
One of my go-too gifts, I think Hibi’s aren’t merely delightful smelling they are also something small to tell someone to unwind, pause or slow down. Taking time for yourself and your surroundings. Hibi's tea tree smells warmer and earthier than you’ll expect. It's my favorite smell, I'm addicted.

Hibi Tea Tree + Hasami Porcelain Plate | €10-€29 + €8-€12
The 10 Minute Aroma Tea Tree has a spicy fragrance with cool freshness. Perfect for the times when you crave calmness and positivity.