Play together

As a mother of two boys I'm practically a Pokémon trainer myself, won a silver medal at the Beyblade World Cup and I'm a certified Kapla architect with a penchant for condos. Recently I have been asking my youngest to join in on something I love: flowers.

So I take him into the garden and point out the flowers I like and their name. If I can memorize all the fire pokemons, he surely can with a couple of blooms right?

Mick Flower Play Together

Sometimes I ask him to join me to the flower market to make these Kenzan Flower pieces for the shop. His favorite are sunflowers, and I love watching his tiny fingers trying to cut the flowers and to be fair you won't see much of a difference between his and mine.


These kenzans are great for single piece flowers, but also for the flowers you'd find in the garden, beside the road or those strong survivors of a bouquet which already met its demise.