• Showcase Long 60

Showcase Long 60

1012 Terra

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Dried Flowers have a strange and intriguing beauty. 1012 Terra Showcase Long 60 dries the flower (pinning the flower on the needle on the wooden part and turning the showcase upside down) and then showcases the flower when dried.

Measures 23 x 6,5 x 6,5 cm
Made of glass, solder, brass and wood


Dried Flowers have a strange and intriguing beauty. 1012 Terra Showcase Long 60 dries the flower (pinning the flower on the needle on the wooden part and turning the showcase upside down) and then showcases the flower when dried.

Measures 23 x 6,5 x 6,5 cm
Made of glass, solder, brass and wood
Handmade by skilled craftsmen in Japan
Packed in a carton box

Preserving Beauty

Sometimes we get beautiful flowers, and with all that bloom, at one point it has surpasses its beauty (and sadly, is ready for the bin). With the 10120 Terra Showcase Long 60, one specific flower will be turned into a beautiful dried everlasting bloom.

The wooden base of the showcase has a needle where you can set the flower. Turn the showcase upside down so that the wooden part is up and the flower is upside down and let it dry. It will turn into a beautiful dry flower in just a few days. Then you can turn the case so that the wooden part is down again and enjoy a standing beautiful dry flower inside a showcase.

1012 Terra & Misc-Store Amsterdam

1012 Terra first came with their Terra Hydro, a hybrid terrarium that showcases the beauty of the roots. Whereas the Terra Hydros are made with Terra’s angle on aquaculture, the Showcase is yet a new view on how we view flowers and the symbolism they carry.

At Misc-Store the 1012 Terra Hydro's have been with us all the way from the beginning when we opened our doors in 2014. We never tire of their beauty and always have a few on display growing cacti, succulents and clippings.  

Office green increases productivity

Did you know that even a single plant on or near your desk has a proven effect on both your mental and physical health, lowering blood pressure and reducing stress? Adding plants to your work environment has a great calming effect, making the workspace instantly more enjoyable to be in. Plants make us feel comfortable, relaxed and happy. All these positive effects even result in heightened productivity and creativity. And as we love trips to the botanical gardens, why not have more greens in the home and office?

Misc-store & Green Living

As we promote green living and seeing the above mentioned positive effects of greenery in the work environment, Misc-store Amsterdam aims to get your work environment a little greener. Plants and flowers deserve a spot on your desk, and in your (home-) office, and we feel we have the right planters, pots and vases to accommodate them.

About 1012 Terra

1012 Terra at Misc-store Amsterdam

On very rare occasions, maybe once or twice a year, the Sonoran desert in Baja California will become inundated with flash floods, created by water travelling from mountains over 100 kilometres away. The effect this has on the landscape is remarkable. Flowers burst into life after having laid dormant for thirty years; insects burst from the ground, searching for new food; and cacti swell, in some cases doubling in size.

We can see the remarkable effect that water has on plants very clearly when they sit in a [1012 ] Terra case. Surprisingly, a succulent thrives quite well with nothing but water, taking only as much as it needs. Given the perfect conditions, a happy [1012 ] Terra plant can produce up to 1012 (that is, one trillion) cells per day: about as much as a human thumb.

[1012 ] Terra cases are not only beautiful ways to display your plants, but an opportunity to think about the most essential life-force of all: water. How it moves and how it stands still. To contain this water, these cases have to be little feats of engineering in and of themselves. Hand-made by Japanese artisans, the soldered iron is covered so precisely by glass panes that it neither leaks nor rusts. Everything is perfectly, prismatically, contained. An ecosystem of its own.

All items are handmade to order in Japan.
We have our own small (but growing) collection of [1012 ] Terra succulents growing in our Amsterdam store: come and take a look. Alternatively, you can browse our shop online.


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Misc Store supports
climate change solutions &
plants a tree for every order

Importing from countries as far as Japan & shipping worldwide has more of an impact than we would like. That is why we plant a tree for every order + we plant an additional 2 trees each day.

Furthermore, we offset the individual carbon footprint of our staff, including travel per individual under 8,000 km by car or 2 short-haul return flights annually, by funding climate change solutions through Ecologi.
A selection of these climate projects are shown here.

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Climate projects supported by Misc Store

Using waste biomass to produce electricity in Chile

Small scale onshore wind in India

Protecting lowland peat forest in Indonesia

Producing electricity from solar energy in Vietnam

Protecting and restoring forests in Papua New Guinea

10+ more