• 014. Dot Grid Refill TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size

014. Dot Grid Refill TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size


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Just like a classic grid layout, the 014. Dot Grid Refill for TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size uses a 5x5mm spacing – only it uses dots instead of lines.

This creates a structural grid that offers the same visual support as a classic grid, only with a more understated and subtle...

Just like a classic grid layout, the 014. Dot Grid Refill for TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size uses a 5x5mm spacing – only it uses dots instead of lines.

This creates a structural grid that offers the same visual support as a classic grid, only with a more understated and subtle look. This particular style is perfect for bullet journals, list keeping or handlettering exercises, and its paper is fountain pen friendly and of high quality.

If you’re looking for a more classic take on the grid, also check out the 002. Grid Refill!


Measures 122x89mm
Counts 64 pages
Features 5x5mm dot grid MD paper
Made in Japan

TRAVELER’S notebook
A beautiful leather cover that almost feels like a blank canvas: TRAVELER’S notebook transforms into the exact notebook you want it to be.

The starter kit gives you everything you need to begin your journey, but the true beauty lies in what comes after that. Choose any of the 24 refills (all available at Misc-store) to shape your notebook to your liking; mix and match inserts and refills to make it as unique or traditional as you wish.

During the International Stationary & Office Products Fair Tokyo (ISOT) in 2006, Midori came up with the concept for the TRAVELER’S notebook. Ten years later marked the anniversary of this idea and the foundation of TRAVELER’S Company, a daughter company under the Midori flag. Nowadays, TRAVELER’S Company has features a wide array of products, ranging from the known and loved TRAVELER’S notebooks and refills, to the BRASS, KRAFT and Spiral Ring Notebook series.

TRAVELER’S notebook & Misc-store
We at Misc-store have had TRAVELER’S notebook etched into our DNA since its very inception, and are honoured to have sold the complete range of limited editions thus far. We were instantly smitten with the 5th anniversary Camel edition of TRAVELER’S notebook and applauded the Camel Passport STAR edition featuring the famous Hong Kong Star Ferry.

Later, we were only one of a selected few stores to carry both ARMY editions – a collaboration with the king of vintage Nigel Cabourn, and we love the more recent BLUE edition and 10th Anniversary Tin Boxes.

We have also had the great delight of hosting Europe’s very first TRAVELER’S Factory Caravan ever, featuring a tour of the design team behind the TRAVELER’S notebook traveling across Amsterdam, London and Berlin.
in Europe, a tour of the TRAVELER’S notebook design team traveling to Amsterdam, London and Berlin.

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Traveler's Factory Nakameguro

The TRAVELER'S COMPANY collection is as deep as it is thought-out. While many designers are content to offer just a few simple solutions, TRAVELER’S COMPANY provides a whole suite. A TRAVELER’S NOTEBOOK lets you discover what is useful to your own life. Every detail, from the paper production to the dyeing of the leather, has been considered to ensure the elegance and durability of your notebook.

A feel for the material
TRAVELER’S COMPANY works with just a handful of different materials: leather, brass, and paper. If given the proper care, both brass and leather will age and become more beautiful through use. The paper is elegant and sturdy, and resists feathering and distortion from ink.

We were the first store outside of Japan to stock TRAVELER’S NOTEBOOK, and an official Partner Shop of TRAVELER’S COMPANY in the Netherlands. Come and visit our store to see the full collection of TRAVELER’S NOTEBOOK in Amsterdam, or buy TRAVELER’S NOTEBOOK online.

What's the difference between Midori and TRAVELER'S COMPANY?
In 2015, TRAVELER’S COMPANY was devolved from their parent company, Midori, so that TRAVELER’S NOTEBOOK fans around the world can find the notebooks that they were looking for more easily. Midori notebooks, the everyday notebooks made with high-quality Japanese paper, are available here.

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