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  • Round and Round and Square
  • Round and Round and Square
  • Round and Round and Square
Round and Round and Square
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Round and Round and Square introduces kids to a magical world of shapes and colours. Discover how the possibilities of visual expression are endless, even when only playing with a few simple shapes and colours.

Together they play, circle and square, and take you with them on a creative journey.

For your mini’s from 3 years and older.

Fredun Shapur

British designer Fredun Shapur wrote and illustrated Round And Round And Square in 1965. Shapur worked as a designer for advertising after his studies at St Martin’s and RCA in the 1950s. Best know are his educational children’s toys design for Naef in Switzerland, Galt Toys in the UK and Creative Playthings in the US.

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Measures 25 x 17,5 cm
Written and illustrated by Fredun Shapur
Counts 48 pages
Colour illustrations throughout
Hardback cover
Suitable for ages 3+

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