• String Pocket Black Ash
  • String Pocket Black Ash
Pocket Black Ash


String Pocket Black Ash is one of the various color options in the Pocket series. String Pocket is a compact shelving system with 15cm deep shelves. Three shelves and two metal rails form a set and can be used independently. Or, multiple String Pockets can be combined in endless variations. For instance two sets already can form three compartments of two shelves, and by combining a few sets you can create a full wall of handy shelves.

The light and slim elegance of the String shelving system make it very versatile. The String Pockets are not only perfect for the office, but also for your herbs in the kitchen or displaying your favourite items in the living room area.

The String Pocket series is the little brother of the classic String shelving system. String exists for 60 years and continues to excel in functionality and timeless design. The flexibility of String makes it the kind of furniture that grows along with you. When a baby room should become a kids room, or when you move to a new house or simply redecorate. The shelving system can be adjusted to the new space, rearrange the shelves and extend the set by adding new parts. The String system also includes cabinets and desks enabling you to create a complete and beautiful homeoffice.

For more inspiration on how to apply Sting in your interior we recommend you take a look at the work of String’s in-house stylist Lota Agaton. She knows who to perfectly balance out a space and also surprise with her String interior applications.

String Pocket is also available in White Oak and Green.

String System and Pocket at Misc-store Amsterdam

In our Amsterdam store, we have several displays of String Pockets (now in White and Ash) and String Systems for your to see. Come see the String System in real life in a grey and walnut combination and come and see how we alternate the white String System with different shelve depths. In our wall cabinet we combine white and oak shelves of 30 and 20cm depth for a more dynamic visual and use.

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Measures 60x50x15cm
Includes three shelves and two side panels, screws Excludes wallplugs (
Packed in carton box Made in Sweden

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