• Small Pleasures Card Set
  • Small Pleasures Card Set
  • Small Pleasures Card Set
  • Small Pleasures Card Set
  • Small Pleasures Card Set
  • Small Pleasures Card Set
  • Small Pleasures Card Set
Small Pleasures Card Set
The School of Life


Small Pleasures Card Set is about beauty in overlooked things. Life’s small pleasures are displayed in beautiful photographs with accompanying text on the reverse side of each card.

We have a Romantic suspicion of the ordinary; taken to be mediocre and dull. Correspondingly we assume that those things that are unique, hard to find or unfamiliar will delight us much more.

Yet a lot of what makes life worth living isn’t to do with great, heroic or costly things. It are those modest pleasures that are all around us, largely unnoticed. It might be a beautiful sky, the smell of freshly cut grass, or a friend who understands how we feel.

With beautiful photography and a few well-chosen words, this pack of cards gently prompts us to remember that life is more precious and richer than we generally allow. Drawing us back to an appreciation of the overlooked ordinary.

A pleasure may look very minor – eating a fig, having a bath, whispering in bed in the dark, talking to a grandparent, or scanning through old photos of when you were a child – and yet be anything but. These sort of activities may be among the most moving and satisfying we can have.

Measures 10 x 8 x 2,2 cm
Box includes 60 cards
Each card features a photograph, and text on the reverse side

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