• Postalco Notebook Charcoal Grey A5
  • Postalco Notebook Charcoal Grey A5
  • Postalco Notebook Charcoal Grey A5
Notebook Charcoal Grey A5


Postalco Notebook Charcoal Grey A5 is made in Japan and features a cotton pressed cover, 1mm pingraph paper, a spiral ring and crisp clean cut edges. Adorned with Postalco’s carrier pigeon, we think their notebooks are one of the smartest around.

Postalco uses Starch-pressed cotton, which is bound to the cover. With time and use, the colors will lighten and the weave of the fabric will become more and more apparent. The pressed cotton fabric is treated to be water-resistant. 

A nice detail is the positioning of the spiral ring. Instead of spiralling the paper at the edge of the paper, Postalco had it positioned just off the edge, on the top cover. This allows you to tuck away your notebook between your books in a book case in a classy way, with the spiral ring covered. It also allows you to write something on the spine.

We love to use this Postalco Notebook Bank Green A5 in a landscape position, flipping over the pages. 
Misc-store carries the A5 size in Dark BlueLight Blue and Schoolbus Yellow. We also carry Postalco’s other sizes, A6 and A7.

Postalco’s signature: 1mm pingraph paper

The corners of the paper is cut in a 45 degrees angle. Besides the graphic element, it eases flipping over to the next page. The paper itself has a 1mm pingraph paper, with the grid printed in a blue hue. The colour of the paper is almost soothing to the eyes, and serves as a very nice background for whatever scribbles or handwriting you fill this sheet with. 
The grid makes it perfect to have a little more guidance to draw straight lines or write a line that is straight and not wavy. Yet, as the grid is this tiny, the paper easily presents itself as a blank sheet, without the boundaries that grid or lined paper may have.

Measures 21 x 12,8 cm
Made out of Pressed Cotton Fabric & 1mm Pingraph Paper

Made in Japan

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