• Postalco Double Case Medium Blue
  • Postalco Double Case Medium Blue
  • Postalco Double Case Medium Blue
Double Case Medium Blue


Postalco Double Case Medium Blue is slim when closed. Due to the intricate folds of the pockets, it can secretly hold up to 16 credit and business cards. The origami like pockets are reinforced with cloth for durability.

The flap is stitched so it allows the wallet to open entirely, granting easy pocket access. Included on the flap is Postalco’s signature brass snap closure.

Made of Farmer’s Felt, this Postalco Double Case Medium Blue is leather free. Beautiful, functional and vegan, what is not to like of this Postalco wallet?

Farmer’s Felt is made from the bark of the mulberry tree. Although this Postalco Farmer’s Felt is a remarkably strong paper, gently handling is required. When your wallet gets wet, pat dry with a soft cloth to absorb any liquid. Dry in a ventilated area. Please bear in mind that the item may warp when wet and near a heater or air conditioning.

Misc-store also carries the Postalco Double Case in Grey Nest.

Available from October 2016, the Triple Case is a larger wallet, also made from Farmers Felt. The Postalco Triple Case will become available in Black, Dark Blue, Medium Blue and a very special Nest Farmers Felt too.

Farmers Felt 

Farmer’s Felt is an interlocked Vegetable Fiber Felt made with Paper Mulberry (Kozo). The thick hand screened washi resembles more felt than paper, hence the name.

Together with the Fujimori Family, Postalco created something new by building on the 2000 years of traditional wisdom of transforming tough mulberry bark into exceptionally durable paper.

The Fujimori family has over 8 generations of family knowledge and skills in paper making. They are recognized by the Japanese government for technical excellence and preserving the traditional washi making.

Measures 7,7 X 11,5 cm
Made from Farmer’s Felt by the Fujimori Family
Leather free wallet

Made in Japan

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