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The Tempo Drop is a borosil glass device in which camphor and ethanol are sealed. The locked-in chrystals react to the subtle changes of weather, before we can experience the weather change ourselves and can therefore be used as a weather predicting device. Clear liquid indicates that bright and clear weather is on its way. Small dots in the liquid indicate foggy weather, and small stars on a bright winter day are announcing snow.

Tempo Drop is a modern interpretation of a storm glass. Stormglasses, which work like barometers, were used by navigators in the 19th century as weather forecasting devices. Legend has it that such devices were used on historical voyages as the HMS Beagle.

The liquid inside the Tempo Drop responds to the changes of the weather, and the extent of crystallization refers to a type of weather on its way. The change of the chrystals is enchanting and ever-changing and we can see ourselves enjoy noticing the subtle changes in the liquid from clear to cloudy skies. A beautiful object for any desk or shelf in the office, and a perfect gift for those who appreciate the visualization of something so ordinary as the change of weather.
At Misc-store, we are simply mesmerized by the clear liquid and chrystals in it.

The Tempo Drop comes in a white box with a excerpt of Jules Verne ‘s novel “20,000 Miles on the Sea”, in which the storm glass is featured. Within the box, a styrofoam mold keeps the device in place. Included is a leaflet with more back-ground information about Storm Glasses and its historical use.

Please note:

The fluid in the Tempo Drop needs to adapt to its new environment. Please allow 1-2 weeks for this process to settle.

This product is also available at Misc-Store in a larger size: Tempo Drop Mini.

Measures 11,5 x 20,5 cm
Made from Borosilicate glass, wood
Fluid Contains water, ethanol, natural camphor, ammonium chloride, potassium nitrate
Include a Wooden lid
Safely packed in box with styrofoam mold to hold the glass device.

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