• Karimoku New Standard Homerun Paperweight Clear
  • Karimoku New Standard Homerun Paperweight Clear
Homerun Paperweight Clear
Karimoku New Standard


The Karimoku New Standard Homerun Paperweight Clear is designed by Sylvain Willing. The idea behind the design is that you can use it to landmark important paperwork on your desk. Things you need to review, invoices to pay or contracts to sign. Just put a Homerun Paperweight on it and you won’t forget.

The paperweight resembles the shape of an oversized ink pad and measures 11 x 8 cm.

We also have these available at misc-store in a white and yellow too. This way you can easily distinguish different piles of paperwork on your desk. A stylish way to keep yourself organized.

Karimoku New Standard & Misc-store Amsterdam

Misc-store started to carry the range of desk accessories of Karimoku New Standard since 2014. Karimoku New Standard is a new standard in Japanese furniture making. Its mother company, Karimoku has an history of wood furniture manufacturing for more than 70 years. Karimoku New Standard builds further on the knowledge and skills, collaborating with emerging and established design talents.

Aiming to preserve and revitalize Japanese forests and resume a balance with local Japanese forest industry, Karimoku New Standards products are made using sustainably sourced Japanese hardwoods,such as maple, chestnut and oak-low-diameter trees that are often discarded or ending up as paper pulp. We love their credo, that a piece of furniture should last at least as long as the tree it was made from.

Measures 11 x 8 x 13 cm, Handle measures D46mm
Made from Oak
Designed Sylvain Willenz Packed in cardboard box Made in Japan

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