• Hasami Porcelain Tray 255x21
  • Hasami Porcelain Tray 255x21
  • Hasami Porcelain Tray 255x21
  • Hasami Porcelain Tray 255x21
  • Hasami Porcelain Tray 255x21
  • Hasami Porcelain Tray 255x21
  • Hasami Porcelain Tray 255x21
  • Hasami Porcelain Tray 255x21
Tray 255×21
Hasami Porcelain


The Hasami Porcelain Tray 255×21 mm is part of the Hasami Porcelain range. This tray is made of wood, spun in the exact diameter matching the all the Hasami Porcelain pieces with a diameter of 255 mm including the Bowl Natural 255×55.

Alike the porcelain items of Hasami Porcelain these wooden trays have a versatile character. Use Hasami Porcelain Tray 255×21 as a plate to eat from, a tray to serve from, or turn your Bowl Natural 255×55 into a containter by using the Hasami Porcelain Tray 255×21 as a lid.

At misc-store, Hasami Porcelain wooden trays are available in more sizes: Tray 85×21, Tray 145×21, Tray 185×21, Tray 220×21 and Tray 255x85x21.

Hasami Porcelain

Hasami Porcelain is a collection of tableware existing of teapots, plates, bowls, mugs, and trays, made in Japan. Their signature clean shapes are repetitively made in similar and recurring diameters, making the individual items easy to stack freely. Hasami Porcelain uses the 85, 145, 185, 220 and 255mm diameter dimensions. This results in a beautiful esthetic view of the items in your cupboard, in the office pantry or kitchen.

Stacked and combined, the Hasami Porcelain pieces form a beautiful rhythmic harmony. The stacking mechanism, and the functionality of nesting, is inspired by tiered boxes – traditional lacquer ware – used in Japanese cuisine. This way plates also become lids for bowls; all pieces of the collection are multifunctional and complementary to each other.

Back-order Hasami Porcelain at Misc-store

Back-ordering is available for all Hasami Porcelain items at Misc-Store. This means it it possible to place an order the exceeds our current stock. Please note pre-orders take longer to process – expected delivery time is 2 weeks. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions.

This porcelain is made with the traditional technique of pouring liquid clay into plaster molds and is than fired at very high temperatures making the porcelain strong and durable. More importantly, it is suitable for dishwasher and mircowave usage.

Hasami Porcelain – Made in Japan

A mixture of porcelain substance and clay, at a specific ratio, is used to create Hasami Porcelain. The charm of Hasami Porcelain is that this unique recipe creates a more textured surface that has a distinctly more organic feel than that of regular porcelain. The matte texture and color, which are characteristic to the material, create a soft an natural look and feel.

Please note: due to the raw materials used, the colors of the product of the Hasami Porcelain Natural series may slightly differ from the picture.

Hasami Porcelain x Misc-store Amsterdam

At Misc-store in Amsterdam, we carry the various designs of Hasami Porcelain in two finishes: Natural and Clear. Natural is the characteristic raw finishing of Hasami Porcelain. Their signature color and texture is directly derived from the unique material combination the porcelain is made of. Between kiln firings, the colour may slightly differ. The Clear pieces are glazed with a with a transparant glaze, creating a fine smooth surface without hiding the beauty underneath.

These two variations of porcelain finishes are accompanied by the Hasami Porcelain wooden trays. Also the wooden trays are made in the exact fitting dimensions to function as lids and serving trays for the porcelain pieces.

Available on backorder

Measures Ø25,5 x 2,1 cm
Material Ash Wood
Boxed in fitted carton box

Made in Japan

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