• Sekki Salt Jar Rust
Sekki Salt Jar Rust


At Misc-store we use the Sekki Salt Jar Rust, made by Ferm Living as classic essential for the chef of your home, as a small catch-all on the table or desk. For small bits and bobs like erasers, pins, some decorative stones or coral, or even our jewelry on our bedside table.

This Sekki Salt Jar is a sweet small container, measuring 3.3 cm high and a 7.5cm diameter. Misc-store also carries the Sekki Salt Jar in Charcoal and Curry.

Ferm Living Sekki Earthenware

Ferm Livings Sekki range rediscovers the magic of traditional manufacturing through its solid-coloured clay with a coarse texture and remarkable feel. At Misc-store we stock more Sekki earthenware, from salt jars to their fig scented soy candles and their pots for our never-ending love affair of (office) greenery.

Loof x April & May – Working in Harmony | on display at Misc-store Amsterdam

Sometimes it’s hard to see a table. We look instead at what’s on top of it, what’s underneath it, or at the endless list of tasks to be done at it. Even as it (very graciously) holds our life together, the table itself vanishes. But that doesn’t mean that a table isn’t worthy of contemplation.

Consider the qualities of of the Node Desk. Loof, a third-generation furniture-maker from Oostzaan, have designed the tabletop carefully: its soft curves are approachable, its geometry drawing from the mid-century modern; the oak veneer gives it warmth, and the legs spring out underneath, helping the table to feel light and contemporary.

Around this, long-time Loof collaborators April And May have thoughtfully designed their ideal working space. Bringing a personal touch to Loof’s Node Desk, they have styled a corner of our Misc-store in Amsterdam into a perfect desk set up. Shop their range here.

Measures 3,3 cm x Ø: 7,5 cm
Made of unglazed solid dyed stoneware
Packed in cardboard box
Dishwasher safe

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