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Little Barrel
Doug Johnston


This Doug Johnston Little Barrel is the perfect deskmate for all your pens and other little things. It’s made from 100% cotton cord that is coiled and stitched with black (botton) and white (top) sewing thread. The resulting textile is flexible but stiff enough to hold its shape.

At Misc-store we also carry Dougs 100.1 Basket, made of 100 yards of rope, as well as the Mini Two Hump and Large Pencil Bucket.

Doug Johnston

In his studio in Brooklyn, Doug Johnstons creates his vessels from rope and thread. Seeing him sewing and hand-shaping the rope on his vintage zig-zag sewing machine, is a great experience, please also see a short movie made by Elle Decoration and Cotton.

The coiling technique is itself based on the ancient method of making ceramic coiled pots as well as coiled basketry. Doug is interesed in ways of transforming a linear material into three-dimensional object. In this he sees similiarities with 3D printing/prototyping, in his case performed by a sewing machine and with much less precision. Doug: “ In this way the ‘3D file’ is in my head as I begin each piece and its formation happens by making certain adjustments to the work while sewing”.

The pieces explore the spatial possibilities of the coiling method and are influenced by masonry construction, folk basketry, and forms found in nature and everyday objects. Many shapes and functions have been explored including bags, baskets, trays, sculptural vessels, eating, lighting, masks and wearable objects. Most pieces are determined by a set of parameters that help to define their overall shape or composition but allow for a certain amount of variation from one another. Most of his pieces are not produced with a specific function in mind. Yet the shapes of the items Misc-store has selected, reference common utilitarian items or hint at possible uses.

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Measures 13 x 15 cm
Made of 100% cotton cord, coiled and stitched with sewing thread
Care instructions:
Unwashed raw cotton rope is washable but shrinkage and color bleeding from the thread may occur.
Hand/spot cleaning with a mild detergent is the best and safest option.

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