• 1012 Terra Brass Lid and Glass Set L
  • 1012 Terra Brass Lid and Glass Set L
  • 1012 Terra Brass Lid and Glass Set L
  • 1012 Terra Brass Lid and Glass Set L
  • 1012 Terra Brass Lid and Glass Set L
  • 1012 Terra Brass Lid and Glass Set L
  • 1012 Terra Brass Lid and Glass Set L
  • 1012 Terra Brass Lid and Glass Set L
Brass Lid and Glas Set Large
1012 Terra


The new 1012 Terra Brass Lid and Glass Set L is a small and compact vase made of two elements.

As with the Terra Hydro, it’s all about aquaculture: rebooting the succulent of cacti by removing all soil and existing (soil) roots, so the plant will grow roots better suited to the new wet culture it houses in. The result is a pot with the roots exposed, whereas in usual pots this is covered by the pot and the soil.

1012 Terra has introduced the Brass Lid and Glass Set an alternative to their loved Terra Hydro terrariums.

1012 Terra Brass Lid and Glass Set L

The lid is made one by one by hand in Japan. Each lid is made of one piece of brass being hammered into its shape. The hammering is a traditional method, or even a primitive metal processing technology with the advantage of creating a beautiful reflection of light. As brass changes their look over time and use, a unique patina will reveal itself.

The glass is heat resistant glass made by an Indian lab glas specialist.

How to grow a succulent or cactus new roots:

Clean the soil of the roots, and cut them to 1 cm, then leave them to dry (this process will prevent rotting in a later stage). Then place the cactus or succulent in the top-part with the roster and let the cut of roots touch the water. 

Refresh the water every now and then. Once the roots are accommodated to their new environment (from no water, to a lot of water – so allow time to get accustomed to the new situation and think about that little creature needing to change its DNA to survive), the  roots will grow. 

We do confess, it’s a kind of trial and error. It’s difficult, yes, but not impossible. Sometimes it works with a type of cactus, and then the next time it doesn’t. We appreciate its process and are actually pretty excited to see when a cactus is finding its way to adapt, millimeter by millimeter. 

Office green increases productivity

Did you know that even a single plant on or near your desk has a proven effect on both your mental and physical heath, lowering blood pressure and reducing stress? Adding plants to your work environment has a great calming effect, making the workspace instantly more enjoyable to be in. Plants makes us feel comfortable, relaxed and happy. All these positive effects even result in a heightened productivity and creativity. And as we love trips to the botanical gardens, why not have more greens in the home and office?

Misc-store & Green Living

As we promote green living, and seeing the above mentioned positive effects of greenery in the work environment, Misc-store Amsterdam aims to get your work environment a little greener. Plants and flowers deserve a spot on your desk, and in your (home-) office, and we feel we have the right planters, pots and vases to accommodate them.

Only 1 left in stock

Measures 7,4x7,4cm
Brass Hammered lid
Handmade in Japan
Plant not included

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