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Celebrating a decade of MD Paper

MD Paper notebooks are as crisply glamorous as a Chanel suit — all smooth angles and sophisticated details. Never too much; always just enough. For their tenth anniversary, though, they’ve cut a little loose, with ten playful limited edition formats that reimagine what MD Paper can be.

The various designs of the MD Paper 10th anniversary series push and pull your thinking in different ways, suggesting different ways of approaching problems. Will you choose a notebook to that strengthens your usual ways of thinking? Or one that challenges you to think differently?

Made for: Flexible thinking

Let us wax a little lyrical: what’s not to love about a dot grid? Open as a blank page, but structured as graph paper, the Dot Grid encourages flexibility, turning this way and that; starting a thought as a sentence and finishing it as a drawing. Long beloved by bullet journalers for this selfsame flexibility, the MD Paper Dot Grid is ideal for people who like a bit of structure without being locked in to one way of doing things.

MD Notebook 10th Limited A5 Dot Grid
MD Notebook 10th Limited A5 Sketch Journal

Made for: Lateral thinking

The Sketch Journal supports a visual approach to thinking about life. Our days pass by as a sequence of images, feelings, sensations, which language often fails to entirely apprehend. Sketching our days gives us a different way of thinking about our lives, and is perfect for cataloguing the (un)usual sights and sounds that fill our day-to-day.

Made for: Planning ahead

Subtle lines break up the composition of this book’s pages into eight sections. This makes it ideal for detailing small ideas or planning a week ahead; or perhaps you’ve a project that requires you to be in eight places at once. Whatever the reason, it’s helpful to have a variety of ideas present at once, especially when you’re on the go.

MD Notebook 10th Limited A5 Lined 8 Partition

Made for: Seeing the bigger picture

Based on the templates used to plan films, the Storyboard notebook is there to help you get an oversight on your work. Especially in the early stages of a project, being able to see a variety of discrete options all at once — whether they’re book spreads, dinner ideas or website designs — is a useful tool for generating ideas and making new connections.

Made for: Getting into the details

This fine-grained graph, with squares measuring just 1mm2, is a micromanager’s dream. No detail is too minute for this delicate graph paper, allowing you to accurately fill in every last bit of information you could think of.

MD Notebook 10th Limited A5 Graph
MD Notebook 10th Limited A5 Faded Grid

Made for: Getting it just right

Subtlety is the White Grid’s game, to the point where it’s difficult to tell if the grid’s even there. But that’s part of the White Grid’s charm — if the naked eye can’t see it, how could Instagram? You might even be able to trick the whole internet into thinking that, yes, your handwriting is naturally that straight.

MD Notebook 10th Limited A5 Lined w/ Margin
MD Notebook 10th Limited A5 Grid w/ Margin


Made for: Seeing things from fresh perspectives

A reinterpretation of the classic MD Paper lined and grid books, the Lined with Margin allows a generous margin on its far right-hand side for compulsive doodlers, obsessive footnoters, and the otherwise easily distracted. Alternatively, it’s a change of paced for the detail-obsessed: being able to take a break from concentration to let the mind wander lets you come back to the task at hand with a fresh take on things.

Made for: Thinking clearly

Any student of Japanese will be familiar with the Oversized Grid, which recreates the large genkō yōshi sheets that you practice writing your first characters on. But its benefits extend beyond helping students to correctly space their characters. Writing in a larger format forces you to slow down and think about the individual shapes of your letters and develop a clear message. Perfect for those looking for a spot of simplicity.

MD Notebook 10th Limited A5 Large Grid
MD Notebook 10th Limited A5 Large Lined Format


Made for: Reinventing the wheel

Sometimes, if you’re feeling stuck on a problem, it helps to see the world from upside down. Or at least at a 90 degree angle. The Vertical Lines challenges you to do just that: shake up an expected process to find something surprising.


We have the full range of MD Paper’s 10th Anniversary notebooks available online and in our De Clerqstraat store, as well as a special selection of new notebook covers. Think quick, though — they’re all limited edition, and we’ll only have them as long as stock lasts.


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