• Sugar Pot Natural 85x55
  • Sugar Pot Natural 85x55

Sugar Pot Natural 85x55

Hasami Porcelain

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The Hasami Porcelain Sugar Pot Naturalø85x55 has a clean cylinder shape, merely intermitted by the u-shaped dent for a sugar spoon to rest in.Its shape and dimensions (except the spout) are the same as the Hasami Porcelain Milk Pitcher and 
The Hasami Porcelain Sugar Pot Naturalø85x55 has a clean cylinder shape, merely intermitted by the u-shaped dent for a sugar spoon to rest in.Its shape and dimensions (except the spout) are the same as the Hasami Porcelain Milk Pitcher and Cup.

This Sugar Pot ø85x55 has a raw and unglazed finish. Misc-store carries all Hasami Porcelain Tea and Coffee items, both the tea pot and tea pot tall, and the dripper, to oak trays to serve your tea set. 


Measures ø85 x 55 mm

Features a natural unglazed finish

Comes in a custom made carton box, with a Hasami Porcelain care leaflet

Please be aware that the colours of the natural items may vary
Made in Japan

Back-order Hasami Porcelain at Misc-store
Do you have a dream collection in mind or looking for a specific item? Let us help by putting together an order to your specifications. 
As of April 2020, we receive weekly shipments from Hasami Porcelain, so we can ship times we back-order within 5-10 working days. If an item is currently out of stock on our website, we can ship it within 5-10 working days. Please get in touch with us, if you have any specific questions about availability and schedules.

Hasami Porcelain - Made in Japan
Hasami Porcelain is a collection of tableware manufactured using traditional techniques designed with modern living in mind. Stacked and combined, the Hasami Porcelain pieces form a beautiful rhythmic harmony. The stacking mechanism, and the functionality of nesting, is inspired by tiered boxes - traditional lacquer ware - used in Japanese cuisine. This way plates also become lids for bowls; all pieces of the collection are multifunctional and complementary to each other. The result, a beautifully aesthetic cupboard, kitchen or office pantry.

Hasami porcelain is made with traditional techniques, a specific ratio of clay and porcelain forms the mixture and is poured as liquid clay into plaster moulds. Once removed they are then fired at very high temperatures making the porcelain strong and durable. This unique recipe creates a textured surface that has a distinctly organic feel compared to that of regular porcelain. Just as importantly, it is suitable for dishwasher and microwave usage.

Hasami Porcelain Natural, Black & Clear finishes
Misc-store Amsterdam carries all types of Hasami Porcelain finished: Natural, Black and Clear.

Natural: is the characteristic raw finish of Hasami Porcelain. Matte in texture and colour it creates a soft and natural look. It can vary in colour slightly but we think this just adds to its charm.

Black: colored with pigment, matte in texture.

Clear: glazed with a transparent glaze, creates a smooth surface without hiding the beauty underneath.

The collection is also are accompanied by the Hasami Porcelain wooden trays. Made from solid oak the wooden trays are made work alongside the rest of your collection seamlessly as lids and/or serving trays.

Hasami Porcelain - Made in Japan
Hasami Porcelain is distinctive, the raw materials used, the local craftsman that mould and shape each element to the environmental factors surrounding the historic town of Hasami. All these elements come together to create a product that is uniquely representative of its origin. Owning a piece of Hasami Porcelain is like have a little piece of the town and its story in your home. Design by Takuhiro Shinomoto of Tortoise in Venice, CA he created a vision that integrates modern tableware design with the organic quality produced by traditional Japanese manufacturing techniques.

Hasami Porcelain & Misc-store Amsterdam 
Hasami Porcelain has been a part of the Misc-store Amsterdam core collection for many years. We carry the various pieces of Hasami Porcelain in all three finishes, Natural Black and Clear as well as the Hasami Porcelain wooden trays. 

As our collection includes everything from plates, bowls, mugs to planters, we are proud to stock the entire Hasami Porcelain Collection at Misc-store. The Hasami Porcelain core design values of Individuality, Usability, Simplicity and Tactility align perfectly with the Misc mission to find items that combine their aesthetic qualities with usefulness. 

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About Hasami Porcelain

Hasami Porcelain

Hasami Porcelain tableware sees the whole table as part of the art of hospitality, drawing on more than 400 years of Japanese thinking on how we can turn even the simplest meals into an art form. All sensual aspects of a dish (including, but not limited to the meal) are considered, and drawn meticulously. The simple colours and rough-hewn textures form a canvas for even the most delicate flavours to play against, making room in our often busy lives to simply sit, think and enjoy. 

As is typical for much of the porcelain-ware from the region, Hasami Porcelain uses stone quarried from the nearby island of Amakusa. The microstones in the clay from Amakusa break down in the heat of the kiln, naturally sealing the wares and giving Hasami Porcelain products their unique, primordial texture. Hasami Porcelain is also entirely modular. Perfectly stackable straight lines made with innovative techniques, ensuring that the porcelain stay precisely the right size. The result is a series of perfectly formed pieces that are easy to store and transport. Innovation is something that comes as naturally to the Hasami design team as their aesthetic sensibilities, and it draws on a historical basis. The rural mountainside village of Hasami in southern Japan, where Hasami Porcelain is based, has a 400-year history in porcelain making, selling their wares all over Japan. But when husband-and-wife team Takuhiro and Keiko Shinomoto visited the township a few years ago, they found not a porcelain empire but a rural village of 17,000, ailing after a decade of being undercut by the rise of plastics and mass-manufactured tableware from China. The fires lighting the massive kilns that still dot the town’s landscape were slowly going out. This lead to the Shinomotos establishing the Hasami Porcelain brand in 2012 as a way of helping to keep local knowledge — and the experimental, democratic spirit that comes with it — alive. 

Here at Miscellaneous, we’re proud to stock much of the Hasami porcelain range both online and in our Amsterdam store. For tableware that’s both elegant and everyday, we really can’t go any further.

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