• Pixel Blocks - Kizuki no Ki
  • Pixel Blocks - Kizuki no Ki
  • Pixel Blocks - Kizuki no Ki
  • Pixel Blocks - Kizuki no Ki
  • Pixel Blocks - Kizuki no Ki
  • Pixel Blocks - Kizuki no Ki
  • Pixel Blocks - Kizuki no Ki

Pixel Blocks - Kizuki no Ki


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"Kizuki no Ki" are building blocks that allows you to visually "feel" the amount of things such as size and weight. 

"Kizuki no Ki" are building blocks that allows you to visually "feel" the amount of things such as size and weight. 

In color science, it is said that brighter colors are lighter and darker colors are heavier. In addition, building blocks are toys that allow you to experience the amount of things such as size and weight by holding and stacking them. "Kizuki no Ki" is a product that applies this idea of ​​color science to building blocks.

Lighter (smaller) ones are brighter, heavier (larger) ones are darker, and the body color is painted in gradation, and the size and weight. You can also visually feel the difference. The gradation of similar colors is also beautiful, and you can decorate the stacked items as they are as an interior. 

There are two types of lineup, the quadrangular blue-green "PIXEL" and the triangular orange "HOUSE", and the same base scale is used for both so that they can be played in combination. So, the larger the size, the heavier the weight.

These are not your average building blocks. 


Building blocks in general are toys that are cut into basic shapes such as cubes, rectangular parallelepipeds, and cylinders from wood, etc., and are simply stacked, lined up, broken, or created and played as if they were something.
As the word says, "PIXEL" is a simple building block that is constructed with a cube as one smallest unit. It is a building block toy with a completely new concept that attempts to provide children who play building blocks with a simple sense of understanding of numbers while simply providing basic play as building blocks.

The shape and color, which are the major features of the building block "PIXEL" in appearance, are constructed and designed based on such attempts. The cube that represents the smallest unit 1 is the smallest piece and is colored in the lightest color. The rectangular parallelepiped representing 2 is colored a little darker, and as the number progresses to 3, 4, 5, the darker the coloring is applied.
That's right, it sensuously expresses that "the more the number, the darker the color and the heavier it is."
In addition, the pieces reproduce that there are various shapes even if the number is the same. For example, even if the number (color) is 3, some are rectangular parallelepipeds and some are L-shaped, so that you can intuitively understand.
"PIXEL" is designed with the hope that it will expand the range of children's play and foster intellectual curiosity and creativity.

Wooden Box measures 25x 14x7.4cm
Contains 12 types of blocks, 21 pieces (5 paint colors)

Made in Japan by hand, one by one
For ages 3+

Kokuyo No Ehon started in 2008 with a mission to create items that enable "Parent-Child Communication" and "Creative Development". Part of their line up are the Make Faces series by Tupera Tupera (which has been published for overseas by Chronicle), which we have in our Misc-store range since 2018. 

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