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About Futagami

If there’s a visceral part of the Futagami products that can’t be shown in a photograph, it’s their weight: a reminder of their reality. Hyper-dense objects, like brass paperweights, remind you of what’s real when they sit in the palm of your hand. While most of our world is getting smaller and lighter, heavy metals pin you into place with their gravity. This is something that the designers and craftsmen at Futagami know well: before it was a lifestyle brand, Futagami was a manufacturer of Buddhist devotional objects.

We’re intrigued by the odd luster of their brasswork, too. Futagami brass is untreated, meaning that it reacts quickly the oils of your skin when you touch it. This means that the way the light glints off of, say, a paperweight, will be different when you first take it out of the box to the tenth time you move it across the table, to the hundredth time, to the thousandth time. It’s a continually evolving process, meaning the beauty it bears now is only one stage of its life. Buying one of these sand-cast bronze pieces is not just a purchase for today, but a purchase for decades from now, when its true beauty — unique to you after years of use — will be revealed.

We’re enamoured with Futagami, and are proud to stock them in our online shop, as well as at our store in Amsterdam.