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Danzo Studio

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About Danzo Studio

Danzo Studio was founded in 2013 in Taipei by designer Wei-Lun Tsung together with a group of passionate members with multicultural background and experiences. As an entrepreneurial design brand, Danzo Studio aspires to present superior design products to the world.

Integrating graphic design with peripheral creative minds, they deliver quality designs with sharp messages. Or how they like to see it: designs with soul and spirit.

This results in aluminium alloy desk boxes that are stackable to treasure and organise all your desk related items. The lids of the boxes are shaped like landscapes. Each representing a particular terrain scene. As function follows form, the series contains five different terrains and each provides unique functions for various uses.

As one of the brands proving Taiwan is bubbling with wonderful design , we’re happy to carry Danzo Studio in our store in Amsterdam and right here at