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About Corkframe

Cork is an impressive material: moisture-resistant, fire-retardant, pliable, self-healing and environmentally sustainable. It lends a certain warmth and grace to every use it finds. The Corkframe, a clever, elegant bulletin board designed by John Harrington and Noel Batt, is a testament to the subtle charms of this natural material.

Frames of mind
Imagine it placed next to your desk. There, your Corkframe takes on a business-like character. Quickly, you’ll stud it with to-do lists and email addresses. Pens and thumb-tacks will line its belly. But in the kitchen, it could be a constellation of recipe ideas and shopping lists: a helpful reminder of past successes and future plans.

Your Corkframe is a solid and adaptive piece of equipment. Light as foam, though made sturdy. He juts 47 millimetres from your wall, creating a third dimension to rest small items on. It also provides the space needed for the excavation of a shelf, which shelters those objects which are a little harder to pin down: keys, a watch, or bike lights.

We’re proud to be one of the few Corkframe stockists in the Netherlands. If you’d like to get a feel for one, come and see them in our store in Amsterdam. Alternatively, take a look at our Instagram photos of them, or simply shop online.