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About Classiky

Far away from the jostle of Osaka, and farther still from the constant whirr of Tokyo, you can find a small coastal town with a canal-side shop named Classiky. Situated in the idyllic town of Kurashiki (whence it derives its name), Classiky operates in a repurposed storehouse. The place bursts with personality: there’s a gallery space that shows the work of local artists and writers, and a room for workshops; and most importantly, every surface is covered with Classiky’s own delightful products.

Many of their items are unpretentious in character. Visitors might be charmed by the simplicity a solid Classiky wooden box, or a thick porcelain dish. Other products, bearing hand-drawn, naïve portraits of bears and whales, give liveliness to the collection. A certain fondness for cats slinks through their catalogue. Surfaces are left with minimal coatings, and the website notes simply that ‘even shortcomings are lovely and appealing’.

Classiky in the Netherlands
Classiky’s relaxed, gracious style is a perfect match for our own, and we love how their organic textures brighten any work desk. We’re proud to sell them to our customers in the Netherlands and internationally via our shop online. To see the items in person, please visit our store in Amsterdam.