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Childrens Books on Inclusion

“Een Beter Milieu Begint Bij Jezelf”
This was a slogan when I grew up (in the ’80’s), which still resonates with us on a daily base. It campaigned that change (for our environment) starts with you. We can tell others not to litter, but foremost we should not litter ourselves.
However small the individual impact; it’s a start.

Where and how can I start to have an effect on inclusion, and join the fight against racial bias? I realize that racial bias is not corrected overnight, but I still aim to contribute to prevent racial bias becoming engrained in our kids’ world view. But how? I am not the type to tell others what to watch, to whom to donate, and what to think. But I have a proven record in selling stuff, so that is what I’ll do:

At Misc-store, we will curate a selection of children’s books focusing on inclusion, and donate all proceeds to Kick Our Zwarte Piet and The Black Archives.

Rather than telling my kids only my experiences (which unfortunately I have a few of), observations and thoughts on racial inequality, I want them to hear stories where someone resembling themselves and anyone of their colored friends can be the protagonist, the hero (in another form than a anti-hero), or simply just there without their race playing part, and not as a token. I’d love them to read books on kindness, empathy and an implicit message of inclusion by simply not excluding.

So it is a win-win; Buying a book to read to your kids, means you’re also donating to this cause.

I chose to donate to @kozwartepiet and @the_blackarchives, two initiatives close to home, because my change starts in my house and country.