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As parents, we wish the best for our kids. And as adults we may seem to forget how we thought of the world (and our parents) when we were their age. These books are written for the kids, but we like to see these books at gates to their world. It may open up our views to their world, to the topics they may read and the ideas they may have. The first book we came across like this was The School of Life Big Ideas for Curious Minds, and it is still one of our favorites. It made us think what we want for them to learn from us, besides the obvious (why we need to brush our teeth propertly). It is in this book we read that to know what you want, and why you feel the way you do are life skills, written to a child. It gave us the words to talk about these topics to our own kid (Benny).
We also love the Little Gestalten What Grown Ups do All day, because what did we know about exactly that when we were small? And then of the newest additions, The Good Enough Parent, is such a reality check on what parenting is. 
So this book section is about them, and them in the future.

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