• Wms & Co Self Inking Stamp Black + Black L
  • Wms & Co Self Inking Stamp Black + Black L
  • Wms & Co Self Inking Stamp Black + Black L
  • Wms & Co Self Inking Stamp Black + Black L
  • Wms & Co Self Inking Stamp Black + Black L
  • Wms & Co Self Inking Stamp Black + Black L
  • Wms & Co Self Inking Stamp Black + Black L
Self Inking Stamp Black + Black L
Wms & Co.


The Wms & Co. Self Inking Stamp Black + Black L makes quite an impression on any desk, in the home office, corporation or on the front desk. It is made of heavy-duty metal and feels substantial in the hand.

It’s a distinctive way to personalize packaging and communications while adding a layer of instant patina. Whether you’re stamping a business logo, your personal monogram or an ex libris label, these marks are truly indelible.

Outfitted in a powder coated black stainless stee body with a solid unfinished ash hardwood high gloss painted black handle, these Wms  & Co stampers have one foot in the Old World and another in the now. The very act of using a manual stamp in this era of digitized everything feels positively subversive.

Self Inking Stamp Black + Black L

This Self Inking Stamp L measures about 7.55 x 5cm, which is the same as a standard issued business card. It’s the perfect tool for DIY business cards, without the DIY feel of it.

With this black + black stamp comes a personalization gift certificate ($50 value) that allows you to make a personalized stamp. Choose one of Wms & Co. 50+ templates, or upload your design. You can redeem the gift certificate at Wms & Co.

The retractable stamping mechanism conveniently contains a hidden ink pad, so there is no need for a separate ink pad.

Patented by Wms & Co. these interchangeable typographic imprint plates accommodate multiple dies for multiple types of messaging.

This item comes wrapped in black tissue paper and enclosed in a refined heavy-duty cardboard box that references vintage factory packaging.

Wms & Co.

Design is at the core of everything Wms & Co. does. They offer everyday objects elevated by design and influenced by history, encouraging to use their tools often so that they acquire the rich patine of service.

With their range of exquisitely practical tools to enhance daily life, they have made such a beautiful range of products. These hand stamps and their self inking stamps are a perfect gift for everybody who loves and is in need of branding, be it a start-up or well seasoned business owner and a family with a big library seeking a nice ex-libris seal for every book.

Misc-store carries all sizes of Wms & Co. Self Inking stamps in their double black finish, see SM and XL, and the L in Nickel Plated and an Ash handle.

Only 1 left in stock

Measures 7,62 x 5,08 cm (3”x2”)

Includes personalization gift certificate for the design of the stamp at a $50 value.
Black Ink Pad incorporated in the retractable stamping mechanism

Comes wrapped in black tissue paper and Wms & Co. logo embossed black box

Made in Poland
Rubber Die made, and assembled in the USA

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