• Brass Ballpoint Pen Olive Edition
  • Brass Ballpoint Pen Olive Edition
  • Brass Ballpoint Pen Olive Edition
  • Brass Ballpoint Pen Olive Edition
Brass Ballpoint Pen Olive Edition
TRAVELER'S company


Yes the Brass Ballpoint Pen Olive Edition is available and in stock now at Misc-store, while supplies last.

After previous limited editions, like the Camel, introduced in 2011 and which became a TN staple in 2016, and the BLUE edition in 2015, TRAVELER’S Company introduces a beautiful Olive edition. Their aim was to achieve a color of an old-grown forest that have been spreading their roots since ancient times.

Inspired by these dense forests, new Olive Edition TRAVELER’S notebook arrives in a limited-edition color for 2017. They have also created the olive-colored PEN HOLDER and BRASS BALLPOINT PEN, which they hope fans will use together with their TRAVELER’S notebook. The plus-sized ring is an original design for the PLUS BALLPOINT PEN. Attach the ballpoint pen to the holder to allow for easy use, even when outdoors.

This BRASS Ballpoint has two parts, one barrel made of brass, the other a pen part in a nickel plated cap. The end of the Ballpoint pen features a loop, so you can either attach it to a ring, a cord and maybe even a necklace. This Brass Ballpoint Pen Olive Edition has its brass barrel painted with a beautiful hue of army green. When you scratch the surface the brass inner will show.

The pen tip and ink are made by Japanese Ohto, and their signature needlepoint writes extremist smooth and with a fine nib. Misc-store offers the BRASS Ink Refills as well.

As with all Brass writing tools, they are made in a small factory in the outskirts of Tokyo. What used to be a bullet factory during the wars, was turned into a postwar bullet-pen factory. We visited the place in 2012, and it was very inspring to see how a family run business can alter with the needs of the environment, and at the same time remains it old charm.


During ISOT in 2006, the leading stationery show in Japan, Midori developed the idea of TRAVELER’S notebook. Ten years later marks its anniversary and the foundation of TRAVELER’S Company, a new umbrella company next to Midori that holds everything we love and related to TRAVELER’S notebook. The product ranges of BRASS, KRAFT, Spiral Ring Notebook and TRAVELER’S notebook are now part of TRAVELER’S Company.

TN & Misc-store

Misc-store has been fans of TRAVELER’S notebook from the start and as such we feel honored to have sold all the limited editions thusfar. It was love at first sight with the Camel 5th Anniversary TRAVELER’S Notebook, and we applauded the camel passport edition of the STAR Edition, featuring the Hong Kong Star Ferry. We were one of the selected few to carry both ARMY edition’s, in collaboration with vintage king Nigel Cabourn, and we love the BLUE edition and the 10th Anniversary Tin Boxes.

We also have been really fortunate to have hosted the first ever TRAVELER’S Factory Caravan in Europe, a tour of the TRAVELER’S notebook design team traveling to Amsterdam, London and Berlin.

BRASS Ball-point pen 1,1cm in diameter
Length folded in 10,5 cm
Length folded out 14,5 cm
Contains a black ink cartridge, refills available
Includes an olive string with brass hook

Made in Japan

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