• Postalco Business Card Holder Black
  • Postalco Business Card Holder Black
  • Postalco Business Card Holder Black
  • Postalco Business Card Holder Black
Business Card Holder Black


Postalco Business Card Holder Black.

Two card pockets made of Postalco’s signature pressed cotton fabric, stitched strongly but efficiently to the calfskin leather cover, misc-store caries this Postalco Business Card Holder in four varieties; Navy, Black, Olive Green and Light Green.

The positioning of the stitching is cleverly designed; it ensures flexibility when opening the card holder so its content is within easy reach, yet is still enough to hold the two card pockets and everything inside it, from business cards, to credits cards, subway tickets and euro bills. The two card pressed cotton fabric card pockets are lined with the same calfskin as the leather cover.

Postalco’s logo, the carrier pigeon, is stamped on the inside of the leather cover.

In 2000 Mike Abelson, who was a designer of bags in New York, noticed that his wife Yuri, a graphic designer, was having difficulty carting around A4 size papers. He created an envelope-shaped case for her, with a button closure, and cloth and leather he happened to have on hand. That modest beginning led to the founding of Postalco.

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Made out of Fabric and Calfskin
Measures 110 x 69mm
Made in Japan

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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 cm

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