• Paper & Tea - Vodka Tea Infusion Kit
  • Paper & Tea - Vodka Tea Infusion Kit
  • Paper & Tea - Vodka Tea Infusion Kit
Vodka Tea Infusion Kit


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This Vodka Tea Infusion Kit from Berlin based Paper and Tea is definately festive and a great gift this time of year.

Infuse the vodka as if you are making a cup of tea. Why? Because infusing vodka with tea leaves adds an extra layer of flavor and an exciting twist to your favorite long drinks and cocktails. This cold infusion will give flavour to the Vodka by Our Berlin.

The tea itself is made of some exquise bergamot that will surely give a twist to your favourite vodka drink.

Detailed guide how to infuse the vodka with tea is included.

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