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  • MD 2017 Diary A5
  • MD 2017 Diary A5
  • MD 2017 Diary A5
  • MD 2017 Diary A5
  • MD 2017 Diary A5
  • MD 2017 Diary A5
  • MD 2017 Diary A5
  • MD 2017 Diary A5
MD 2017 Diary A5


The Midori MD 2017 Diary A5 is a lined notebook with a monthly calendar of 2017 in the front.

The diary covers each month of 2017 in a beautifully zen-like design. The margins of the page are kept somewhat wider than you might expect, but this is done with a purpose. This way you have some extra space to write down memo’s or ideas.

We see the use of thisMidori MD 2017 Diary A5 as a day to day notebook. Especially when contemplating the year ahead, without having to check your calendar in any other form. Simply flip to the front and make a note if needed. We would also like to suggest the erasable Pilot Slim Pen, as plans have a funny way of changing a lot of the time.

The lined sheets are divided in 8 sections, for small notes, or a daily summary of the week.

If you are looking for a diary to keep track for an entire year, have a look at the Midori MD 2017 1 day 1 page diary in S and A5.

MD Paper

MD Paper is Midori’s pride when it comes to the art of making paper. Being a stationery manufacturer from the 1950’s, MD Paper can be described as part of their blueprint. Ever since Midori made MD Paper in the 1960’s, they have applied the Japanese ‘Kaizen’ principle, meaning they are continuously looking for ways to improve its quality. The result is paper that will not stain, or bleed and is fantastic to write on, especially with a fountain pen.

Not only the paper itself has been developed carefully, also the method of binding deserves an explanation. The MD Notebooks are bound by means of stitching; a large sheet of papier is folded into a bundle of 16 pages. Then, such bundles are bound with thread. This method enables the notebook to open entirely flat, ensuring ease of writing, without a bumpy middle.

To honor this method of binding, Midori has left the cover uncovered, so its spine exposes the cheesecloth tape, which is used to reinforce the bound paper. The MD notebook comes with a wax paper cover.

MD Notebook is also available in Grid, Lined and Cotton and in sizes M, A5 and L.

Midori has developed covers for its MD Notebooks, in plastic, paper and leather.

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Counts 175 pages
Includes Annual Calendar (2017 & 2018)
Includes Monthly Calendar (28 pages, Dec 2016 to Jan 2018)
Includes 113 Lined, and 32 Blank pages
Measures H210 × W148 × D10mm
Features a “Gakari” binding of 11 x 16 folded pages, wax paper cover, Kaga Silk bookmark, an index seal
Made in Japan

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