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This BRASS Ballpoint has two parts, one barrel made of brass, the other a pen part in a nickel plated cap. The end of the Ballpoint pen features a loop, so you can either attach it to a ring, a cord and maybe even a necklace.

Upon unboxing, the BRASS pen is spotless and very shiny. As soon as you unbox it, the ageing and building of your own patine begins. We love this Aging-well feature of the BRASS items!

The pen tip and ink are made by Japanese Ohto, and their signature needlepoint writes extremily smooth and with a fine nib. Misc-store offers the BRASS Ink Refills as well.

This BRASS Ballpoint in Solid Brass is made in a small factory in the outskirts of Tokyo. What used to be a bullet factory during the wars, was turned into a postwar bullet-pen factory. We visited the place in 2012, and it was very inspring to see how a family run business can alter with the needs of the environment, and at the same time remains it old charm.

Misc-store offers the BRASS Ballpoint in a painted White and Brown as well.

BRASS Ball-point pen / 11mm in diameter x H97mm (ink: black)
Packaging / in PET case, H145 x W37 x D22mm


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