• Le Typographe Mega Bloc A5 Fourmiliere
  • Le Typographe Mega Bloc A5 Fourmiliere
  • Le Typographe Mega Bloc A5 Fourmiliere
  • Le Typographe Mega Bloc A5 Fourmiliere
  • Le Typographe Mega Bloc A5 Fourmiliere
Mega Bloc A5 La Fourmilière
le typographe


With its 500 pages, this Le Typographe Mega Bloc A5 Fourmiliere is the mega bloc of their mega blocs. Each of the 500 pages gas the worker ant letter pressed. Paying tribute to the tremendous amounts of work la fourmilieère can process, this mega bloc is great on any desk, table or reception.

The 500 pages 100 grams paper of this notepad are glue bound in a solid black. Boxed in a kraft box with round sticker it’s a heavyweight gift

Misc-store carries a large range of the mega blocs of le typographe, including the 200 pages mega bloc in A5 and A6 with a Libelulle and Typographe insect in gold. Alternatively, see the mini bloc with the ant, for the smaller list making duties.

le typographe Mega Bloc

le typographe first created la fourmiliere, a mega bloc of 500 pages with an ant letterpressed on each of the pages. With this Cedric pays hommage to the hard labour of a tiny ant. Now his range of mega blocs expanded with A5 and A6 sizes embossed with insects like typographes and waterdragons. All mega blocs are packed in a special designed box, and closed with a seal.

The production process of such blocs shows the extensive labor goes in such blocs: first every sheet of the bloc is letter pressed with the insect on one of their Heidelberg printers. Then the sheets are packed per bloc and glued, before they are cut into their size. Then, the box is cut out of carton on the Heidelberg printer, folded and the mega bloc is packed in the box. Lastly, the seal is glued with almond glue and a brush.

le typographe – handmade in Brussels

Le typographe is a printing shop in Brussels, favoring the technique of printing with movable type lead and wood. All products are printed on their 5 Heidelberg presses typo and assembled by hand, using traditional methods in their workshop. Their view on paper and paper products is mesmerizing and justifies a visit to Brussels anytime.

Only 1 left in stock

Measures 14,8 x 22 x 2,6cm
Counts 500 pages of 100 grams grams paper stock
Features the ant in gold on each of the 500 sheets
Comes in a carton box with seal

Letterpressed in Belgium on Heidelberg Printers

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