• Le Typographe Cahier Bloc Elephant A6
  • Le Typographe Cahier Bloc Elephant A6
  • Le Typographe Cahier Bloc Elephant A6
  • Le Typographe Cahier Bloc Elephant A6
Cahier Bloc Elephant A6
le typographe


Le Typographe Cahier Bloc Elephant A6 opens as a notebook, and due to the glue binding, it opens entirely flat. In addition, as the spine is bound on cloth and glue, the binding will not break because the cloth keeps it together. This way you can tear of a page in the middle if you wish, without the entire pad collapsing.

The lines are a soft shade of grey, with a broad margin on the sides. The backside of the sheet is blank. The lines are letterpresses on le typographe’s Heidelberg presses, then cut to size, glued to the cloth and then assembled by hand. The cover is made of 300 grams paper carton in a nice matte Elephant color, and features a gold cadre.

The Cahier Bloc Elephant A4 counts 100 pages of 100 grams signature le typographe paper with their watermark.

As every item of the le typographe’s range, there is often a nice detail. In the case for the Cahier Bloc, it’s the cloth that is used to bound to pages. It always refers to the pages of the notebook. Blank pages will have an uni-color cloth, for gird pages, they use gridded cloth, and for ruled pages, the cloth will have stripes. As the pages of the Cahier Bloc Elephant A4 are ruled, the cloth always has a stripe; a small reference to the content of the pages. Please understand that the cloth can change within batches of production, so yours might be different than depicted.

Misc-store also carries the Cahier Bloc in A4 and A5.

le typographe – handmade in Brussels

Le typographe is a printing shop in Brussels, favoring the technique of printing with movable type lead and wood. All products are printed on their 5 Heidelberg presses typo and assembled by hand, using traditional methods in their workshop. Their view on paper and paper products is mesmerizing and justifies a visit to Brussels anytime.

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Measures 10.5 x 15cm
Counts 100 pages of 100 grams paper
Features ruled pages (one side) Open entirely flat Allows for tearing off pages mid-bloc without breaking, due to cloth glue binding Handmade in Brussels

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