• Hightide Hourglass Green 5 mins
  • Hightide Hourglass Green 5 mins
Hourglass Green 5 mins


This Hourglass Green 5 mins is not just a beautiful object on any desk, it visualizes the passage of time, and it reminds us how unaware we are of how fast or slow 5 minutes actually are. Sit back and have a 5 minute pause watching the sand pass by. Trust us, it will be a remarkably relaxing time. Time is subjective, and some philosophers might even suggest that (spare) time is becoming the only true luxury we have in this modern age.

At Misc-store in Amsterdam, the Hightide Hourglasses have proven to be a great gift for many occasions and an equal amount of people.
Elevator pitches out of control due to a lack of deadline? Cutting back on your shower time or simply cooking a perfect 5 minute egg? We’ve got you covered.

Available in 3 mins, 5 mins, 15 mins and 30 mins.

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Measures Φ 5.1 x 10cm Made of glass and sand Times approximately 15 mins (may slightly vary) Packed in carton box with styrofoam inner, measuring ## Made in China

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