• 1012 Terra Showcase Long 80
  • 1012 Terra Showcase Long 80
  • 1012 Terra Showcase Long 80
  • 1012 Terra Showcase Long 80
  • 1012 Terra Showcase Long 80
  • 1012 Terra Showcase Long 80
Showcase Long 80
1012 Terra


Dried Flowers have a strange and intriguing beauty. 1012 Terra Showcase Long 80 dries the flower (pinning the flower on the needle on the wooden part  and turning the show case upside down) and then showcases the flower when dried.

Preserving Beauty

Sometimes we get beautiful flowers, and with all that bloom, at one point it has surpasses its beauty (and sadly, is ready for the bin). With the Terra Show Case Long, one specific flower will be turned into a beautiful dried ever lasting bloom.

The wooden base of the show case has a needle where you can set the flower. Turn the show case upside down so that the wooden part is up and the flower is upside down and let it dry. It will turn into a beautiful dry flower in just a few days. Then you can turn the case so that the wooden part is down again and enjoy a standing beautiful dry flower inside a show case.

1012 Terra

1012 Terra first came with their Terra Hydro, a hybrid terrarium that showcases the beauty of the roots. Whereas the Terra Hydro M and the Brass Lid and Glass sets are made with Terra’s angle on aquaculture, the Show Case is yet a new view on how we view flowers and the symbolism they carry.

Measures 8x8x26 cm
Made of solder, glass and oak base
Handmade in Japan
Plant not included

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