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  • 1012 Terra Hydro M
  • 1012 Terra Hydro M
  • 1012 Terra Hydro M
  • 1012 Terra Hydro M
Terra Hydro M
1012 Terra


The 1012 Terra Hydro M, is a hybrid between a vase and a terrarium uncovering the beauty what it usually left in the blind black soil. 

Designed by Yamada Kenicih and Tsumanuma Daisuke of 1012 Terra, this interior object showcases the cactus or succulent in all its glory. 

The Terra Hydro M, handmade in Japan.

With this label, surely comes the exquisite craftmanship, because solder on glass is an especially difficult trade. As the Terra Hydro can contain water in its botton resevoir, this shows how prefect the solder must be. Whilst in some terraria you can’t even water the plant, because the solder will rust and cause damage to the structure, these Terra Hydro are made to hold water.

At Misc-store we offer a range of items by 1012 Terra, as their Brass Lid and Glass Set and their Terra Show Case Long.

How to grow a succulent or cactus new roots: 

Clean the soil of the roots, and cut them to 1 cm, then leave them to dry (this process will prevent rotting in a later stage). Then place the cactus or succulent in the top-part with the roster and let the cut of roots touch the water.

Refresh the water every now and then. Once the roots are accomodated to their new environment (from no water, to a lot of water – so allow time to get accustomed to the new situation and think about that litle creature needing to change its dna to survive), the  roots will grow.

We do confess, it’s a kind of trial and error. It’s difficult, yes, but not impossible. Sometimes it works with a type of cactus, and then the next time it doesn’t. We appreciate its process and are actually pretty excited to see when a cactus is finding its way to adapt, millimeter by millimeter. 

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Measures 8x8x24cm
Consists of two parts
Handmade in Japan
Plant not included

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